Joker 2: What Is Warner Bros Plan On The Joaquin Phoenix Flick?

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DC’s film about the Clown Prince of Crime won the actor the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020.

Joker was one of the films of 2019. The film about the origins of the Clown Prince of Crime directed by Todd Phillips not only won over the public but also got 11 nominations for the awards Oscar and two took: Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix and Best original soundtrack. The title also grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide. Therefore, it was not surprising that there was talk of a possible sequel. In November 2019, THR published that the second installment was already in development. However, shortly after, DeadlineIt stated that, at that time, there was no agreement to carry out the project. Now, the first-mentioned medium returns to talk about Joker 2 and, as indicated, the sequel is still among the plans of Warner Bros.

Always according to THR in his report on the search for the study of a black Superman for the ‘reboot’ on the superhero, the story about the Clown Prince of Crime continues to have a chance of coming true. They mention it when they talk about how different characters from the DC movie universe coexist in the franchise. The Flash, the solo film about Barry Allen ( Ezra Miller ) directed by Andy Muschietti, will introduce the multiverse. Thus, while characters such as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman of Gal Gadot and Arthur Curry/ Aquaman of Jason Momoa continue to live their adventures in a universe, the Bruce Wayne of Robert Pattinson will introduce The Batman and ” Joker and its planned sequel” -as well indicates THR – will take place in another.

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The truth is that the end of Joker allows the story of the character played by Phoenix to continue on the big screen. However, for now, there is nothing official about the project and it is not known if the cast and director would return for a new installment.

The last thing Phillips said about Joker 2 is that THR was “ahead of the starting signal” on the sequel. The director indicated in November 2019 that there was no agreement for the second installment and no script in development. “Joaquin and I have said publicly that we were talking about a sequel but the [ THR ] article was referring to things that were not true,” Phillips stated on IndieWire. “There is no contract for both of them to write a sequel. We have never approached Joaquin to be in a sequel. Will it happen again? Again, I think the article was anticipatory, at best.”

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Since then, nothing has been commented on Joker 2 and, from the director’s statements, the project seems somewhat complicated. However, he did not close the doors to that happening either. Will Warner Bros. officially announce the second part anytime soon?

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