Julianne Hough’s Cryptic Dating Update through Instagram

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Julianne Hough’s Cryptic Dating Update through Instagram

Julianne Hough is an amazing American actress who made her debut in harry potter and the Philosophers stone. Along with being a stunning actress, she is also an incredible dancer. However, recently she shared a piece of shocking news through her Instagram handle. If you are Julianne’s fan then you would know that she filed a divorce from her husband last fall. So now that everyone knows that she is single but still nobody knew her current relationship status. However, from her Instagram post, we can assume that Julianne Hough might be ready for a new relationship and is willing to start dating again.

Julianne Hough’s Cryptic Dating Update through Instagram
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After enjoying her trip to Italy, now she has chosen to spend the last few weeks with her family and relish with her loved ones. It was seen in her Instagram stories that the 33- years old former dancer was enjoying to the fullest with her dad, elder sisters, Bruce, Sharee, Marabeth, and Katherine, on Monday. Julianne and her family members were playing a fill-in-the-blank card game known as Slide in the DMs. it was really fun to watch her Instagram stories in which she was legitly got a little competitive with her siblings.

Through her stories, we also predicted that she buoyantly gave a hint of her present relationship status. Her caption stated that “I guess this is my new life” and then she mentioned that “I guess I should probably get started”. In the next slide, she added something else to the caption as well. In the other caption, she said “Learning of a new friend” along with the picture of the card game that she was playing with her family. From this caption, we are getting an idea that her “New Friend” might be someone special to her and maybe we can see in a new relationship in some time, of course you never know.

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If we have a peep in her past life, Julianne was eventually married to Brooks Laich who is a hockey player. Their marriage lasted for about three years as they got married in July 2017. But unfortunately, when things between them did not work out Julianne officially decided to file a divorce. In about a year they both announced the news of their separation in front of everyone. That’s when everyone knew that this beautiful woman is single again but it was uncertain at that time that what is her perspective of getting into a new relationship at that time.

While asserting their news of divorce before of everybody they additionally declared that “We have fondly and punctiliously taken the time we wanted to hit our call to separate”. Julianne associates degreed Brooke additionally additional that “We share an abundance of affection and respect for each other and can still lead with our hearts from that place. we tend to kindly request your compassion and respect for our privacy moving forward.”

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In fact, at the time the words were spread that Julianne is now a completely different person from what she was when she was married to Brooke. She is happy and proud of all those differences and changes she has brought in her life and she does not want to go back to the old Julianne ever.

Julianne fans would know one of the most surprising facts about her that she revealed during the 2019 Women’s Health interview. She unveiled that she was “not straight” and also added a point that Brooke did not know this truth before their marriage but when he found it out afterward, he accepted this fact nevertheless. However, if you are thinking that this was the core reason behind their separation then you are wrong. As it was crustal clear that Julianne was not open to a new relationship when she and Brooke broke up.

This point is said with such assurance as with all that being said, it was also mentioned that Julianne was not even giving a thought about getting into a new relationship when the new year started. As mentioned in the Entertainment tonight “She is taking a break from dating at the moment”. Then back in January one of the sources notified the outlet that “She is not interested in anyone.”

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However, now the good news is that after more than six months have passed of her divorce, it seems like her fans might get a chance to see her in a happy new loving life, and not just her fans she might also get her perfect love life. A true fan of her will always is happy for new life. We wish her a very happy and joyful life ahead.

Currently, there is no information of who she will be dating or maybe “Is” dating, however, we will update you with this information as soon as we get any interesting news related to Julianne’s love life. Till then stay tuned with us.

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