Jungle Cruise: Dwayne Johnson Film Flies Directly To Disney+

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“Jungle Cruise” takes the audience on an adventure trip through the Amazon. The film will be released directly on Disney + in parallel to the cinema release.

Since the cinemas in many countries had to be closed due to the corona pandemic, many films were postponed to later release dates. At the same time, it was also possible to establish the practice of publishing films on streaming platforms M to their theatrical release, as was the case with “Wonder Woman 1984 ” for example. Disney’s summer blockbuster “ Jungle Cruise ” can also soon be viewed in various ways.

On the one hand, “Jungle Cruise” with Dwayne Johnson (“Jumanji: Willkommen Dschunge l”) and Emily Blunt (” Edge of Tomorrow: Live.) in the leading roles on July 30, 2021, in US cinemas start (in Germany on July 29, 2021), on the other hand, the film will also be available on Disney + on the same day. However, to a Disney + The actor shared the news on Instagram:

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“It’s a pleasure to announce that we are back in theaters! And it is a pleasure to tell you that we will come to you too! The most important thing about our film has always been that we take care of families around the world by giving you options to see it. Spectators come first. ”

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In “Jungle Cruise”, “Indiana Jones” meets “Pirates of the Caribbean”

The adventure film for the whole family is about the adventurer Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt), who is in search of a legendary tree with healing powers and ends up in the jungle of the Amazon. She receives support from captain Frank (Dwayne Johnson) and his boat.

“Jungle Cruise” will be a mixture of “ Indiana Jones ” and “ Pirates of the Caribbean ”. Just like the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, the new film is based on an attraction from Disneyland. Blunt and Johnson, Jesse Plemons (“ I’m thinking of ending things ”), Paul Giamatti (“ 12 Years a Slave ”), and Jack Whitehall (“ Good Omens ”)

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Director Jaume Collet-Serra (” Orphan – The Orphan “) is known for films from the horror and thriller genre and will be responsible for the superhero film ” Black Adam ” after “Jungle Cruise”. The adventure film was originally supposed to start in summer 2020 but was postponed due to the corona pandemic. Thanks to the parallel release on Disney + and in the cinemas, everyone can now enjoy the film at the same time.


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