Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Show?

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Mark Millar writes great stories, and season 1 was just the beginning.

In 2017, Netflix bought Millar world, a comic book publisher created by writer Mark Millar. If you don’t know Millar’s name by heart, you’ve probably seen him on the big screen before; is the writer responsible for creating the comics that inspired ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Kingsman’, while also writing the Marvel comics that inspired the films ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Logan’. So when Netflix bought Millarworld for between $40 and $50 million, according to The Hollywood reporter was a great deal, and one that only has Disney buying Marvel in 2009 and Warner Bros. buying DC in 1969 as a precedent. It took four years to see what that deal would actually produce for Netflix, but the first piece of that puzzle is ‘Jupiter’s Legacy,’ a superhero series starring Josh Duhamel and based on a comic book series Millar himself wrote from 2013.

Millarworld will have many more projects making their way into Netflix’s crowded catalog, but this is the first one so it should generate buzz. The first season tells a superhero story that feels a little different than what we are used to with the worlds of Marvel or DC. We don’t know these characters for decades and decades of canon and influence. And that’s what allows for some of the biggest twists of the eight-episode first season.

Will there be a season 2 of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’?

We can’t be sure yet, as Netflix generally takes a little time after a series premiere to deliberate and decide whether to officially order another season. But it’s clear that Millar, who, in addition to this being his story, now also runs this Netflix Millarworld division, sees ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ as a multi-season story.

When asked by the Hollywood Reporter how he decides whether something should be a TV show or movie, he specifically cited the fact that in 22 issues (10 for ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ and 12 for the spin-off ‘Jupiter’s Circle’, featuring more on the way), the story is the longest he has ever done.

We look at it as a group, and I try to be objective about it and think, “Okay, would that be too crowded in a two-hour, three-act structure, or would it be better to serve it as a story that spans multiple seasons?” At the moment, Jupiter’s Legacy is the longest I’ve ever published. There are 22 numbers and another 12 as of this summer. If we tried to make that like a movie, we would have lost a lot. Something that could be three episodes on a TV show would be a 40-second flashback on a movie.

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Showrunner Sang Kyu Kim (who replaced Steven DeKnight from ‘Daredevil’ mid-production due to creative differences) also told SyFy during a set visit that the plan from the beginning has been to develop the show for various reasons, but also that his story does not follow Millar’s comic series step by step.

“Obviously, we have the comics there, but this is really our adaptation of that foundation,” Kim said. “We had a lot of freedom and support from Netflix, to really take a comic book adaptation and create the best show possible. Obviously, it influenced us, but we also contributed a lot. You have to do it for several seasons, hopefully. Even within a season, you must generate a lot of unique stories. But the comic was an incredible base to work on as an adaptation.”

And if we search those comics for story search, well, there’s a lot in there. So far there have been two five-issue volumes of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy (10 issues total), and the series’ stories deviate a bit from the comic. (A comic story the show doesn’t touch on? Walter thinks the Union should tell then-President Obama what to do in his second term and how to save the ailing economy.) The comics probably won’t make it to future seasons, there are a ton of other ideas that could be expanded and/or exploited in more arcs. There is also a spinoff comic, ‘Jupiter’s Circle’, which further describes the lives of the original six Union superheroes in the flashback sequences.

‘Jupiter’s Legacy, Season 2: Release Date.

It’s hard to say for sure without knowing if the series is officially resuming or not, but if they get the nod, it should be around the same date next year, if not a little later. Netflix is usually pretty good at getting the ball rolling on its biggest series, but ‘Jupiter’s Legacy has a large scale and a lot of post-production work involved. Usually a show like ‘Stranger Things’ takes a little longer to get back on the air than, say, ‘Grace and Frankie’, and it’s easy to see why ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ would lean more towards the pattern of the former.

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