Jupiter’s Legacy: Star Is Already Anticipated About Sesaon 2?

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Jupiter’s Legacy: Star Wars star is already looking forward to Season 2 of the Netflix series

“Star Wars” star Matt Lanter plays a leading role in “Jupiter’s Legacy”. In season 2 of the Netflix series, his role is about to develop in an exciting way!

Anakin Skywalker spokesperson Matt Lanter stars in “Jupiter’s Legacy”

“Jupiter’s Legacy ” star Matt Lanter is a star in “Star Wars” fans even before the Netflix series.
The seasoned voice actor could be heard as Anakin Skywalker in ” Star Wars: The Clone Wars “.
Regarding the new Netflix superhero series “Jupiter’s Legacy”, the actor is euphoric and hopes for season 2!

The Netflix superhero series ” Jupiter’s Legacy ” is now available on streaming service Netflix. The adaptation of the comic book series of the same name by “Kick-Ass” mastermind Mark Millar is bursting with stars.

One of them is the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” star Matt Lanter, who speaks Anakin Skywalker in the English-language original. In “Jupiter’s Legacy”, Lanter plays the role of George Hutchence, who takes on the superhero alias “Skyfox”.

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In the first season, his role only appears in flashbacks as the best friend of the lead role Sheldon Sampson (Josh Duhamel). Lanter was not seen in the present. However, he hopes there will be a second season.

In the comics, [George] is the tired guy who doesn’t want to do anything. He’s just done with the world, done with etiquette, and has had enough of the Union. He’s doing his own thing. I think it’s such a great storyline and I’m really excited to hopefully play now-time George next season. There are many directions in which it can go.

Matt Lanter on George Hutchence in “Jupiter’s Legacy” Season 2.

Anyone who has read the comics knows that after George becomes a supervillain after receiving his superpowers. Lanter refers to this because he has not yet appeared as an antagonist in the Netflix series.

Comic legend and author of the template Mark Millar is already convinced that “Jupiter’s Legacy” season 2 will be produced. So far, however, the streaming service Netflix has been covered with comments about a sequel.

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Before you see Lanter again in a possible second season of “Jupiter’s Legacy”, you can hear the animated series ” Star Wars: The Bad Batch ” on Disney +. Lanter has already indicated that Anakin could appear on the “Star Wars” series.

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