Kailyn Lowry: Chris, I’m not engaged! He Assaulted Someone Else!

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Kailyn Lowry’s decisions don’t make any sense. With a few significant exceptions, most of the time, it’s her decision. However, there have been recent rumors claiming that Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez have gotten engaged as a result of their turbulent relationship. Kail is finally ready to talk about it with her followers.

Chris Lopez sent out a strange tweet earlier this week, and it got a lot of attention. “How are you meant to know what size ring to get the girl if it’s a surprise?” he inquired. Chris later removed the tweet, but it was already too late.

Rings can be used in a variety of ways and are wonderful gifts. The most obvious reason for a ring gift to be a “surprise” is if it’s an engagement ring for a proposal. And Kailyn Lowry is Chris’ most well-known love interest. They have two kids together, after all.

Fans of Kailyn were understandably frightened by the idea, especially after reports spread that his remark had sparked an engagement panic. On Instagram, one of Kail’s followers enquired as to why she was being reported as being engaged to baby daddy number three. This was said during an Instagram Q&A session she did earlier this week.

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Kailyn said, “That’s a brand-new rumor to me.” “I’d never accept a ring from him,” she vowed. This was welcome news for the community. Chris and Kailyn are the parents of two children. Lux has just turned four. Creed is only 14 months old.

They didn’t just get married, have two kids, and then call it quits. Between Lux’s and Creed’s conceptions, there was a great deal of nastiness and animosity. For weeks, Lux was without a name because Kail waited impatiently (and in vain) for Chris to get invested enough to discuss it with her.

When someone openly burns their book, most people won’t want to have a second child with them. Aside from the disturbing allegations of physical abuse that have surfaced, many were understandably skeptical that Kailyn and Chris were truly over.

It’s reassuring to know they’re not engaged at this time. And Kail would say no if Chris was arranging a surprise engagement-turned-reconciliation (two for the price of one!). At the very least, that’s what she says she’ll do. That’s all we’re going to get.

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That, however, does not clarify what Chris Lopez was referring to in the first place. Was he teasing Kailyn’s admirers to get their attention? That isn’t who he is at all. At least that’s what Kail’s social media posts on Thursday suggested.

In her Instagram Stories on September 16, Kailyn wished Chris and his new family all the best. Having a new brother to adore will be so thrilling for the boys, she gushed. Kailyn seems to be insinuating that Chris Lopez’s kid is being carried by someone else. That means Lux and Creed will have a paternal half-sibling. Also, Chris appears to want to propose to this baby’s mother. Unless Kailyn is playing a prank on him. All right it’s time for us to sign off with this information and stay with us for more updates.

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