Kaley Cuoco Finalizes Divorce From Karl Cook

Jonny Hector

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Last September, Kaley Cuoco and her then-husband, Karl Cook, announced their separation after just four years of marriage. Thus the idyllic image that the couple had cultivated of their relationship in their social networks collapsed, where until this moment everything was declarations of love and photographs that projected a great complicity based on their particular sense of humor.

Since then, not many more details have emerged about the legal procedures in which they embarked to dissolve their union. It has been this Wednesday when the news portal Entertainment Tonight has revealed that the actress of ‘Big Bang Theory’ is already officially a single woman. According to the legal documents obtained by this media, the divorce process has concluded this week in the Superior Court of Los Angeles, but it is unknown if the ex-couple, who does not have children in common, would have had to reach some kind of economic agreement to close the case.

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The television star has remade her love life with fellow actor Tom Pelphrey, a news that she soon confirmed with a romantic photo of the couple on Instagram, but for the moment any intention of the interpreter to go down the aisle again is ruled out. She expressed herself in those terms during an interview with Glamour last April, although she also expressed her desire to fall in love again.

“I would love to enjoy a lasting relationship, a life of companions. But I won’t get married again. Of course not. If you want you can put that on the cover,” he responded emphatically to underline the depth of the disappointment he took in his now extinct marital stage.

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