Karol G ate up to the walls during the lockdown

David Galvan

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Like many other people, Karol G gained weight during the lockdown period to reach 76 kilos. The Colombian suffers from a medical condition that causes insulin saturation with great ease and as a general rule, she must take great care of her diet.

“I get fat breathing,” she sums up. When I’m on tour, I have to see my whole team eating very rich, and I’m the one who has to eat the salad.”

When the lockdown period came, she decided not to deprive herself of anything because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “eat herself to the walls.” Karol spent his days watching movies on the couch and “eating and eating” without any guilt, and was aware that he was going to gain weight.

Her physical change gave rise to all kinds of rumors and a producer friend of hers even wrote to congratulate her believing she was pregnant. That kind of confusion could be laughed at, but the problem came when he finally reappeared in public at the 2020 Premios Juventud to receive an award from his idol Ivy Queen.

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The artist wore for the occasion a baggy tracksuit very different from the revealing outfits that she usually wears in her video clips. After getting off the stage to change and prepare for his performance, it occurred to him to open social networks on his phone and began to read comments that made very cruel jokes about his physique.

At the time he vowed never to feel that way again and embraced a routine that included training twice a day and fasting cardio for three months without stopping.

“I put the batteries and today I weigh 62 kilos,” he explained. “This is real and I deserve it. I’ve worked it very hard. But I worked on it because I told myself that in life it was going to allow me to feel the way I felt that day again.”

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