Katy Perry: The Gift She Would Never Give Her Daughter

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Katy Perry

The lives of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom changed completely in August of last year when they received the arrival of their baby Daisy Dove Bloom, the result of their relationship for years. As soon as the little girl arrived in the world, she began to receive hundreds of gifts from Hollywood celebrities such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, or Luke Bryan, but there is one that Katy Perry will never give the girl because of how strange it is.

“American Idol” judge Luke Bryan recently revealed that his gift to the baby was perhaps too much, so he has no hope that Katy Perry will give it to him. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the singer of “Firework” or “Dark Horse” said that her co-presenter sent her a BB gun and a pink tractor, very different from the rest of the gifts that came to her house every day.

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However, something very different happened to his other “American Idol” partner, Lionel Richie, who did give an appropriate gift to the happy couple who had become parents. The singer preferred to give them a robe and a bottle of champagne for her and her fiancé, who is already the father of a 9-year-old boy, the result of his failed relationship with model Miranda Kerr.

Through her social networks, Katy Perry proudly showed on her Instagram Stories Beyoncé’s cute gesture that was accompanied by a card that read: “Congratulations on the new addition to the family. Beyonce”. The “Fireworks” interpreter shared the image and then tagged the diva to publicly thank her for the gift.

Since she became a mother, all the attention in her life changed for the new family member. Katy Perry spent several weeks completely dedicated to Daisy Dove, before returning to the recording studio and continuing with her work routine, as did Orlando Bloom, who has been very active in his parenting role.

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