Keira Knightley Opens Up About Struggles with PTSD and Mental Health at Young Age

Jonny Hector

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Keira Knightley has opened up about the challenges of experiencing fame at a young age. The actress achieved worldwide recognition at the age of 17 when she began starring as Elizabeth Swann in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise in 2003. Knightley recently appeared on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” where she shared how difficult it was to handle public attention, especially as a woman. “I think it’s a lot to take on when you’re a kid who isn’t really aware of what you look like and isn’t really aware,” she said, adding that the level of public attention caused her to be diagnosed with PTSD at 22 years old.

Knightley also discussed her role in the film “Boston Strangler” about a man who killed 13 women in the 1960s. “So you watch this film, you watch this struggle that they have as working mothers, to try and be these amazing journalists, but also have a family and also have a great relationship and you know, the ball gets dropped somewhere,” she said. The film explores the difficulties women face while navigating the public sphere and trying to balance career and family.

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The actress’s experience is not unique. Many young actors and actresses struggle to handle fame at such a young age, which can sometimes lead to mental health issues. The public scrutiny that comes with fame is often difficult to deal with, and not everyone is equipped to handle it. Knightley’s openness about her struggles serves as a reminder to the public that celebrities are human beings who also experience the ups and downs of life.

It’s important for society to create space for women in the public sphere and to recognize the difficulties they face while trying to navigate it. Knightley’s story sheds light on the importance of mental health resources for public figures and the need for more awareness around mental health issues in general.

Overall, Knightley’s interview serves as a reminder of the challenges of fame, especially for young women. Her openness about her struggles highlights the need for support for individuals, especially women, navigating the public sphere while managing their mental health.

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