Kevin Smith Teases Clerks 3 Trailer Release Date

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The highly anticipated series Clerks 3 trailer could be soon arriving sometime in spring 2022. The famous writer and director Kevin Smith has recently hinted about the release date of the first Clerks 3 trailer. Its been complete 15 years since Kevin Smith released the famous anticipated Clerk II into the theatres but as per the reports, the filmmaker is soon going to complete his trilogy. Yes, you read that right, Clerks 3 trailer release date has been teased by the writer-director.

Kevin Smith and his collaborators are now ready for Clerks III and are aiming to get it released by the 2022 first quarter. although we still have many months before the film arrives in front of us the good news is that the trailer could arrive anytime soon ahead of the movie’s release. The movie Clerks 3 marks the ninth installment of Smith’s View Akewniverse that is an interconnected series of films that are connected basically by his and Jason Mewes iconic stunner duo Silent Bob and Jay. Smith has spent the better part of the decade while developing Clerks III and envisioned it as the first potential broadway play that turns before it comes into a movie.

Although there has been no word on the official release date of Clerks 3 just yet so it means we don’t actually have a release date for the series as well as its trailer. However, Kevin Smith does has an idea about when fans will be able to get glimpses of the first footage from the most awaited Clerks 3 movie. While speaking to an screenrant Kevin Smith said in his statement:

“It’s looking like mid 2022, if I had to predict trailer, I would predict March or April,” Smith said. “Where we are right now, we’re figuring out music, we have a budget for music [at a certain level] and right now [above that] music. So it’s about making choices where you’re like, ‘Okay, I can tell the story without this, but I can’t tell the story without this.’ Thankfully, I’m an indie filmmaker and have been used to pivoting or modifying expectations for years, so it’s never a problem where I’m like, ‘If that’s what it costs, we can’t play with them and stuff.’ So we’re doing that right now. When they do the trailer, I imagine – and if they didn’t do this, I’d be shocked – they’ll feature the moments in the movie where Dante and Randall essentially shoot Clerks, but they’re shooting a movie called The Inconvenience. But it looks an awful lot like a movie we’re all familiar with, right down to the black and white.”

The writer/director confirmed that the film is aiming for a 2022 release date and the first trailer of the movie will arrive sometime in the spring season of 2022. This comes as great exciting news for all those fans who were waiting for the filmmaker to revisit his toots and bring back Clerks III. As per our reports from the sources we expect the trailer to come very soon in the upcoming months. In addition to that, we also heard smith discussing the music that will act as a crucial role in holding together the final cut for the film.

It is also quite interesting for the fans to know that Smith’s first prediction about the Clerks III trailer will be recreating sequences amongst Dante and Randal from the original Clerks movie. Jeff Anderson and Brian O Halloran are also going to reprise their lead characters from the first two Clerks movies into Clerks III as well. Now we are waiting for further updates on Clerks III and as soon as we get them we will surely update them here.

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