Who is Kim Gretzky? Who are Walter Gretzky’s kids?

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Even if you are not a hockey fan, you will surely recognize Wayne Gretzky. He is the greatest out of all for a reason. He also played in the NHL for 20 seasons for four teams: Los Angeles Kings, St Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, and New York Rangers. He played in all these teams from 1979 to 1999. In fact, even after so many years, people still consider Gretzky to be one of the most loved and the greatest hockey player ever.

Walter is known for being Wayne’s father and first coach and for his approach and devotion toward the entire Gretzky family. Wayne Gretzky has four siblings named Kim Gretzky, Keith Gretzky, Glen Gretzky, and Brent Gretzky. Let’s further discuss all Walter Gretzky kids in detail.

 Wayne Gretzky

Wayne was among the eldest sibling of the ice hockey legend and needs no introduction at all. Throughout the 20 seasons of the National Hockey League that includes all-star records presented by both junior and senior teams of Canada that even including the appearance of the 1998 Winter Olympics. People might not be aware, but he actually started playing at the age of four when Walter turned the backyard of their Brantford home into a completely new ice rink.

The time he retired from NHL, he immediately inducted himself into the Hockey Hall of Fame and retired with the jersey number 99. Wayne also won many awards that including Wayne Gretzky International Award. This award was offered by the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in order to honor international individuals. In 1988 he married Janet Jones and the couple gave birth to five beautiful children together.

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Keith Gretzky

Keith also has a moderately successful career in the OHL with teams like Belleville Bulls, Brantford Alexanders, Windsor Spitfires, and Hamilton Steelhawks. Keith was also selected in the 3 rd round of the 1985 draft that the Buffalo Sabres organized. One of his best seasons was in 1984 to 85. During this period he recorded almost 66 games with Windsor. Besides that he collected 113 goals, 222 assist points as well. After retiring from professional hockey in 1993, he began his career with the Tri-City Americans as an assistant coach. He was also the Director of Amateur Scouting for the Phoenix Coyotes on July 12, 2006.

Brent Gretzky

Brent Gretzky is another sibling of Wayne and is also from the same Hockey field. He has played in the National Hockey League for the team Tampa Bay Lightning. He also played once against the Los Angeles Kings and his brother Wayne. Brent Gretzky made his debut playing in National league Hockey with his hometown Brantford Blast team and on April 19 he won the Allan Cup with a blast.

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Not very much is known about Kim Gretzky and Glen Gretzky. However, Kim has an Instagram account where she frequently posts images of her family and children along with Walter. According to her Facebook account, she works as a personal support worker at Stedman Community Hospice in Paris, Ontario.

As far as Glen is concerned, he is an actor and producer who has appeared in Prom Night II. He has also produced the 2005 biopic Walking Up Wally. In addition to that, he has also co-authored two books named “Great” published in 2016, and “Great Too” expected in the month of September this year.

Second Generation Of Gretzky’s

The second generation of Gretzky’s began with Ty Robert Gretzky. He was born on July 9, 1990, and skated for a team of Chelsea Piers in New York. During the 2005-2006 period, he lived with his father in Phoenix and almost had 24 goals, 37 points in games, or Phoenix’s Brophy College varsity team. In fact, he also missed the league scoring title just by a few points. Ty played hockey at Shattuck Saint Mary’s in 2006, attended Arizona State University, and more.

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After the announcement of Walter’s death, RIP Walter began to trend on social media. there were thousands of hockey and non-hockey fans who took it to the internet to pay tribute t the legend also known as Canada’s Hockey dad. Some of the dedicated tweets are as follows:

Kenny McKie on Twitter: “Terribly sad to hear be of Walter Gretzky’s passing. I never knew him, yet it felt like I did.” / Twitter

Jesse Otta on Twitter: “@WayneGretzky Walter: what’s your name? Me: oh don’t worry I don’t want to waste your time Walter: No. *looks me in the eye* I’d like to know your name. https://t.co/fK4fpY7yTP” / Twitter

lindsay on Twitter: “@WayneGretzky So sorry for your loss. I’ll never forget the time I met your dad while playing in the Brantford girls hockey tournament & your dad was walking up & down the hallway tapping girls on the shoulder pads wishing them good luck in their games. I was one of those girls. Wonderful man” / Twitter

Team Steeves 🇨🇦🇺🇸🌊 on Twitter: “@ReportsDaNews @WayneGretzky @RexChapman He was a great guy . He signed golf balls for everyone on the course during a tournament ! We had to get him out of the bushes looking for lost balls to keep our foursome moving . Always singing and laughing . Hell of a guy and a treasure of a man .” / Twitter

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