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Kim Levesque Lizotte

Kim Lizotte is a famous Canadian actress, writer, and comedian. Due to her current program, Les Simone Kim is now a big name in the industry. In addition to being an actor, she is known for being a host.

Lizotte is one of the richest comedians in Canada, and she is also a long-time partner of Eric Bruneau. She has garnered quite a fanbase due to her charm and wit.

People also admire her beauty; she is a fashion icon for many women. If you are here for more information about Kim Lizotte, then you are at the right place.

Kim Lizotte Biography

Kim Lizotte was born on 3 April 1983. Now she is 39 years old. She was born in Montreal of, Quebec, Canada. Which is has largest French-speaking city in the world after France. It is also the best city to be a student at university.

According to her birthdate, her zodiac sign is Aries. Lizotte depicts her zodiac perfectly. She is an independent woman who likes taking charge of her life in her own hands.

Kim always wants to be an actress and writer since childhood. For that, she has put in a lot of effort, which is why she is now so popular. Even being so famous, Kim Lizotte believes in keeping her private life private.

She does not want to share her personal information, so there is absolutely no information about her parents on the internet. She has never mentioned them in her interview. Although there is no Wikipedia page about Kim, and neither someone mentions her religion. But most probably, like most of the population of Canada, Lizotte is also Christian.

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Kim Lizotte has completed her high school education at Dame high school.

It is a prestigious all-girls school in Montreal, Canada. It has a long history of education and social responsibility.

After completing high school, she graduated from the University of California. This university is the world’s largest public land-grant research university.

Although Kim Lizotte has earned fame by appearing in nine movies and television shows, there is still much left to know about her. Due to being a private person, Lizotte has not disclosed any more personal information.

So, we cannot say how many siblings she has or her family background. However, it is confirmed that both her parent from Canada, and she is in a committed relationship.

How much does Kim Lizotte Earn?

Kim Lizotte has earned fame by appearing in Les Simone, Virage, and Les Detestable. Her beauty and fun personality have captured many hearts and admiration. These are the quality which has helped Lizotte to be listed as the highest-paid comedian.

She works on many projects, from acting to comedy and hosting. Lizotte’s appearance in the documentary series The 5 Next created an image of a powerful and independent woman. She is also a co-writer of a Tv series in which his partner Eric Brunei is also an actor and co-writer.

Due to her variety of work, it is hard to estimate Lizotte’s network, but it is definitely between $3 and to 5millions. It is all because of her hard work and success. For a comedian having this much net worth is impressive.

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Kim Lizotte and Eric Bruneau’s Relationship

Kim Lizotte and Eric Bruneau have been in a relationship since 2014. However, in 2015 the couple got separated due to unknown reasons. They reconciled in March 2016 again, and since then, they have still been together.

Kim’s partner Eric Bruneau is also one of the most accomplished Canadian actors. He is famous for films like The United States of Albert. Due to the couple’s popularity, they always asked about each other in the interviews.

Lizotte and Eric are dedicated to their career, but they still take time to spend with each other. What makes it unique about this couple in the Canadian industry is that they are both co-writing the script of the Tv series Before the Crash drama.

They decided to work together when Eric Bruneau asked Lizotte to review his script. While reading, Kim was so impressed that she started writing ideas about the character herself to help her partner. In this way, they got involved in the same project.

Kim is unabashedly proud of her boyfriend. She believes that many actors want to play a specific character, but only some of them, like Eric, write characters themselves that they want to play on screen.

Eric and Kim have a daughter together whom they named Marguerite. She is four years old. Lizotte describes her daughter as a bundle of joy. Although being a mother is tough and worrying, Lizotte manages her home and profession perfectly.

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Kim Lizotte has mentioned that she will not have another child again as she is going to be 40, and she is quite happy with only having one child.

Kim Lizotte Career

Kim wanted to be a writer from childhood. She has been writing diaries since she was a kid. Later that turns into a poem. When she was in fourth grade, she wrote the novel Murder 101. She was inspired by Agatha Christie, who was a novelist. As an extrovert person, Lizotte has even directed theater plays. But being a countryside girl, she never imagined that she would someday become a screenwriter.

Now she has written three tv shows Virage, Les bombs, and Avant le crash. Bombs are currently in production.

Lizotte started her career as a stand-up comedian. She used to perform at Saint-Claire. Later she appeared in the documentary show the five next which helped her create her distinct identity.

From then on, Lizotte has done numerous tv shows and hosted many of them. She is also preparing to write a feature film about mother and daughter. Its theme will be women’s togetherness and empowerment.

Kim has a long and successful career ahead of her. Still, he is so accomplished in her career that she does not have to prove herself in the entertainment industry.


Kim Lizotte has an amazing career, a supportive and famous boyfriend, and her daughter. She has a stable and increasing range of projects, so that she will remain busy ahead of time. Hopefully, you have gotten all the information you want in this article.

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