King Richard: the differences between the film and the real story of Venus and Serena Williams


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King Richard: A Winning Family retraces the story of Venus and Serena Williams through their father, who was their first coach and responsible for the success that followed for the sisters. On this occasion, we share the main keys to the film and tell you what the differences are between it and the real events. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

King Richard: from real life to screens around the world

Who would have imagined that Will Smith himself would be in charge of overshadowing what would be his night of glory within the framework of the Oscar Awards. Just a few minutes elapsed between his already historic blow to Chris Rock and the speech he gave upon receiving the golden statuette for his role as the protagonist.

Despite all this, if there is something that is clear, it is that what happened in the last edition of the Academy Awards does not change at all the phenomenon that was generated around King Richard, the film that tells the life of Richard Williams and, above all, the years in which he trained his daughters, the multi-champions Venus and Serena.

As the synopsis of HBO Max, the streaming platform on which this film can be seen, says, Richard’s story is that of “a determined father who was decisive in raising two of the most talented athletes of all time” .

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Based on real events, and on Williams’s own autobiography, it must be said that the film, like almost all of its genre, presents some creative license, which means that there are some differences between what is seen on the screen and what is on the screen. that actually happened.

The main differences between King Richard and the real history of the Williams family

First of all, you have to start from the basis that most of what you see in King Richard: A Winning Family actually happened. In this sense, the main differences between biographical fiction and reality are rather small and insignificant.

In this 2 hour 24 minute film, you can see how Richard Williams had a plan for his daughters and how he was responsible for promoting it. For this, the father of the family became a tough and demanding coach. On the screen this is clearly seen. In real life, however, Richard would have been much harsher about his demands and deals.

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It is also mentioned that she chose tennis for her daughters seeing that there were not many African-American girls in the sport. Although this is true, the truth is that she chose this profession when she saw that professional women were well paid.

Finally, one of the surprises of the film directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green is that the death of one of Venus and Serena’s sisters is omitted. This is Yetunde Price, who was murdered in 2003 at the age of 31.

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