KJ Apa Drenched In Blood For Riverdale Season 5?

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KJ Apa showed himself in his story now completely smeared with blood and with splattered lips. We’ll tell you what happened.

KJ Apa shows himself covered with blood and splattered lips

When does season 5 of “Riverdale” continue? Most fans of the series are wondering. It looks like very soon, because the stars are back on set. The filming of “Riverdale” started again recently, as Vanessa Morgan showed in cute pictures with her baby. But the little new addition is not the only change on the set: KJ Apa posted a few stories today on which he is barely recognizable: blood-smeared and with splattered lips …

Instagram: KJ Apa surprises with a short film

At this point we have to give quick praise: KJ Apa is and remains the King of Comedy. Apart from the fact that he can make ultra-comical grimaces, he loves to entertain his fans on Instagram with senseless and funny content. This time he chose a kind of short film in his Instagram story, which he apparently shot during a break on the “Riverdale” set. We see KJ Apa in the story completely smeared with blood (presumably from a scene he shot earlier) and thanks to the “Pillow Face” filter, which is currently going viral on Instagram, also with splattered lips. In the video, he speaks to himself in the mirror in two different roles. First role: KJ Apa wants to kiss his reflection in the mirror with splattered lips and an operated face. Role two: Himself, smeared with blood and trying to avert the attempt at flirting with his reflection in the mirror. With success?

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KJ Apa kisses his reflection

The video of blood-smeared KJ Apa with the splattered lips is already going viral on Twitter. Fans love his humor and the slightly socially critical note that is in this video. Of course, we don’t want to withhold the video from you either. Here, however, first his dialogue in German – and yes, KJ Apa kisses himself or his reflection in the end.

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