Knives Out 2: Everything A Fan Must Know

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“Knives Out 2” is scheduled to open on Netflix in 2022. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the crime comedy starring Daniel Craig.

With “ Knives Out ” director Rian Johnson (“ Star Wars: The Last Jedi ”) achieved great success. Critics and viewers alike were equally impressed by the crime comedy. So it’s no wonder that “Knives Out 2” and “Knives Out 3” have already been ordered.

When does “Knives Out 2” start on Netflix?

Unlike the first part, the sequels of “Knives Out” will not start in the cinema, but will be made available directly as a stream on Netflix. Together with his co-producer Ram Bergman, Rian Johnson had signed a $ 469 million deal with the successful streaming service to prevent the pandemic from torpedoing their film again. “Knives Out 2” is currently set for 2022, a more precise date is not known at this point in time.

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“Knives Out 2” plot: What happens in the sequel?

Director, writer, and producer Rian Johnson is still silent, so we cannot offer a plot at the moment. It is known, however, that the sequels hold new cases in which Benoit Blanc ( Daniel Craig ) will investigate. So you can expect Johnson to take a direction similar to what crime icon Agatha Christie once did with her popular character Hercule Poirot. The detective has solved numerous murder cases in over 30 books – many of which have been filmed several times.

It remains to be seen whether Benoit Blanc fans can also look forward to more than 30 stories. For now, two new adventures await the eccentric investigator, one in which more murders will most likely have to be uncovered.

“Knives Out 2” Cast: Which stars appear?

“Knives Out” not only impressed with its original plot but especially with its top-class cast. In addition to Hollywood icon Christopher Plummer, stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, and Toni Collette could be seen. Since the murder in the Thrombey family has been solved, we will most likely not see them again. However, fans can look forward to Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc. Eventually, the Bond actor will solve a case again.

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This time he is supported by Marvel star Dave Bautista. It is not yet known whether the role of actor Benoit Blanc will be a friend or an enemy, but it is certain that he was cast for “Knives Out 2”. It is possible that Rian Johnson is making the actor’s image his own one more time and not casting him in the role of the villain. In “Knives Out” he was finally able to surprise some viewers by putting Chris Evans in the role of the murderer.

Another interesting question is what role Edward Norton will play. The actor is also slated to star in the second part of “Knives Out”. During his multi-faceted career, Norton has often been seen as the villain but was also allowed to take on the role of the protagonist again and again. So what place does it have in Rian Johnson’s next film? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

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