Knives Out 2: Janelle Moane Joins The Cast With Edward Nortan And Dave Bautista

Itziar Morte

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If Knives Out 2 had a kilometer-long cast where all the names attracted attention, there is no indication that it will be different in the two sequels to Rian Johnson’s successful project with Daniel Craig that both prepare for Netflix. In fact, the first news to arrive on the matter indicates that the platform is not willing to spare costs by attracting top-level talent in front of the cameras.

Janelle Monae joins the cast of the next sequel, where Edward Norton and Dave Bautista are already waiting for her. More Daniel Craig again in his role as shrewd detective Benoit Blanc, of course. The Hollywood Reporter has advanced the news of the signing of the actress and singer in the same week in which those of Norton and Bautista also came to light.

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The musical artist has put a well-executed twist from stage to screen since she appeared in Moonlight and Hidden Figures in 2016. After those titles, we have been able to see films like Welcome to Marwen or Antebellum, as well as starring in the second season of the Homecoming series on Amazon Prime Video.

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On the other hand, the locomotive from Knives Out 2 seems to be working at full capacity while forming the list of suspects in the future crime to be investigated by Blanc. Who will be the next names that those responsible will reveal to us? Johnson has a joint budget of 400 million dollars to raise the two sequels contracted by Netflix.

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