‘La Casa De Papel’ Money Heist Season 5: Release Date In 2021?

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‘La Casa de Papel 5’: premiere date of season 5 on Netflix.

Once the cast of the series is about to finish filming the fifth season, Netflix has set an estimated date of when we can see the new episodes.

La Casa De Papel’ will return for a fifth and final season on Netflix in the second half of 2021.

Everything we know so far about season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’, including when we can expect the premiere date, how the filming is going, and the goodbyes of the cast.

Given the success of La Casa de Papel ‘and the personalities of the characters, the renewal of the series for another season was no surprise. The hit series exploded onto the international stage after being hosted by Netflix in 2017. Few people now remember that the first two seasons, while popular, failed to generate national audience figures. So much so that the series, created by Antena 3, was effectively in the trash. Upon arrival on Netflix, the phenomenon began to snowball with a wider audience and the cast and crew were called in by the streaming giant to fuel the fire for another two explosive seasons.

  • The moment of the end has come. The time has come to reveal everything about season 5 of La Casa de Papel.
  • Release date of season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’
  • Our best guess is that it will not be available on Netflix until at least the summer of 2021. There have been some rumors about possible release dates in April, but due to the coronavirus, they have not been met.
  • Although this could mean a release as early as July, a September or October release currently seems more likely.
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How many chapters will season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’ have?

There are only 10 chapters to the end of the series. According to the creator, the last season will represent how the Professor’s band is divided. It promises an “extreme” and “epic” season.” We have spent almost a year thinking about how to break the band. How to put the teacher on the ropes. How to get into situations that are irreversible for many characters, “said Pina in an official statement.” The result is the fifth part of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season.”

The cast of season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’

Most likely the usual suspects are back. There are the actors who play the members of the professor’s team: Ursula Corbero (Tokyo), Jaime Lorente Lopez (Denver), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Alba Flores (Nairobi), Miguel Herran (Rio), Darko Peric (Helsinki), Itziar. Ituno (Raquel) and Esther Acebo (Monica). Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo) and Luka Peros (Marseille) have recently joined the team.

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But there are important signings: first, it was announced that Miguel Ángel Silvestre would be part of season 5. Miguel’s character is believed to be a new villain for the final season. Speaking about Miguel’s character and villains in general, Alex Pina said: “We always try to bring in charismatic, intelligent, and brilliant opponents. In this case, of a pure war genre, we are also looking for characters whose intelligence can be like that of the Professor ”. The second new cast member announced for season 5 is Patrick Raised.

We have the best images from the filming of season 5 of La Casa de Papel, which have been recorded in locations such as Lisbon or Copenhagen.


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