LA Rocker Injects Convention Center with Raw Dive Bar Energy

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Blondshell Brings Fierce Ambition to SXSW Radio Day Stage

Blondshell, born Sabrina Teitelbaum, kicked off her SXSW performance by belting out her runaway hit “Veronica Mars.” She brought a fierce sense of ambition to the Radio Day Stage, introducing herself to Austin Convention Center’s Ballroom A, which was transformed into a venue for this year’s festival.

Her self-titled debut album is set for release next month, and she leaned into those tracks at this afternoon’s performance, bellowing out her caustic, gritty lyrics. She joked and compared herself to public speaker Brené Brown, about to give a keynote speech on bravery.

Blondshell only started releasing music under that name in June of last year but has made the most of her time gaining traction. She shared with NME that sharing her intense songs with the world was no easy feat. However, today, standing in an oversized white tee and baggy denim jeans, there’s a sense of ease beaming from the singer as she giddily dances across the stage with her hands on her hips.

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During her performance, she joked with the audience, telling them they were going to play a song about salad, which they titled “Salad.” The punchline turned out to be a story of love, poison, and devious crime, with her lightweight vocal delivery contrasting to the dark and forthright lyrics, amplified by chaotic bursts of cymbals.

Teitelbaum wrapped up with a powerful rendition of the Cranberries’ “Disappointment,” adding her own raspy delivery to the track. For a moment, the convention center – which is filled with rows of black chairs – took on the energy of a dive bar, and Teitelbaum looked right at home.

Blondshell’s self-titled debut album is set to release on April 14th, and it’s sure to be an exciting and gritty release. Check out the full interview with NME to learn more about her story and inspirations.

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