Law & Order SVU Season 23: Video confirms which character comes looking for Benson

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Law & Order SVU Season 23: Video confirms which character comes looking for Benson

Law & Order: SVU, the long-running hit series that premiered its 23rd season late last year, returns each week with new episodes across the NBC broadcast network as it heads toward its scheduled conclusion to air on Friday. late May, presenting a new story while Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) stays on top of each case.

The series has been on fans’ screens for more than two decades. Law & Order SVU, is the crime and legal drama created by Dick Wolf with more than 500 episodes under its belt since it premiered in 1999, and currently holds the title of the longest-running series on television.

During all this time, the revolving door of Law & Order SVU remains active. That is why, season after season, the successful NBC series brings back some characters from the past, with the purpose of developing new arcs and at the same time delighting viewers with their presence on the screen.

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As announced in early April, Law & Order SVU will bring back Demore Barnes to reprise his character Christian Garland during the Season 23 episode “Tangled Strands of Justice,” which is scheduled to air Thursday, April 28. April on NBC.

In this sense, the TV Insider medium released an exclusive preview confirming that Garland is back to meet again with Captain Olivia Benson. In this installment, the character who left at the beginning of season 23 will appear as a guest for the purpose of asking Mariska Hargitay’s character for help, as shown in the video.

On this week’s episode of Law & Order SVU, Benson is asked by Christian Garland to reopen a missing persons case he worked on as a rookie agent. Also, a victim of one of Carisi’s recent cases (Peter Scanavino) is arrested, the official synopsis reveals.

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