Law & Order SVU: What happened to the spin-off of the drama that was canceled in 2018?

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Law & Order SVU: What happened to the spin-off of the drama that was canceled in 2018?

The popular Law & Order SVU series which is a spin-off of the original Law & Order show, has managed to be a bigger success than the main one. In fact, in 2018 the NBC television network was preparing a new sequel that would be titled Law & Order SVU: Hate Crimes, which would focus on other types of crimes. But unfortunately it ended up being cancelled.

According to an article on the website Deadline, not all of the planned “Law & Order” spin-offs have made it to the screen. A few years ago, NBC announced plans for a show called “Law & Order: Hate Crimes,” but it never came to fruition, having placed a 13-episode order with series creator Dick Wolf’s production company.

The story would reportedly follow the New York Hate Crimes Task Force. as they tackle crimes related to discrimination and bigotry in the city, often working in collaboration with SVU detectives. In fact, SVU producer Warren Leight was developing the series, but his attention was once again focused on the already hugely successful one.

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However, Leight himself assured in a 2020 interview for The Hollywood Reporter, that Law & Order: Hate Crimes, has not yet been canceled completely, confirmed that the show is still in development and that the plan is to eventually release it in the NBC’s Peacock broadcast service, because it could cause problems to be broadcast on television networks due to the vocabulary that will be used:

“I think it was perceived as a better fit for Peacock,”

“The language that people use when committing hate crimes is not acceptable on network television, and that’s an interesting consideration.”

Interestingly, another reason Law & Order: Hate Crimes was canceled or paused is due to the release of the 2021 spin-off Law & Order: Organized Crime, which stars former SVU star Christopher Meloni. as Detective Elliot Stabler, who is currently in his season 2.

Unfortunately, Law & Order: Hate Crimes, it seems that it will be stagnant for a while, in fact, some say that if it were released it would not have much popularity, because it would only be broadcast on the NBC platform, Peacock and not on the network. television.

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