‘League Of Legends’ Series ‘Arcane’ Is Officially Coming To Netflix

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the “League of Legends” series “Arcane”, but when should it start on Netflix? We have the answer!

When is the League of Legends series coming to Netflix?

“League of Legends” wouldn’t be the first game that you want to become in a series. A series for the game “Assassin’s Creed” is also to appear on Netflix and a prequel for “The Witcher” is now even planned. It’s only logical, the stories in games are so good and compelling that they provide the perfect material for a series. The film adaptation of “League of Legends” was announced in 2019 and will be called “Arcane”. The start of series production was actually planned for 2020, but this forecast was made before Corona. Meanwhile, Netflix has announced that the “LoL” series will come in autumn 2021 – so good news: the “League of Legends” series is coming and we don’t have to wait that long. Of course, the date can be postponed again due to Corona, as with so many series.

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“Arcane”: This is what awaits you in the “League of Legends” series.

“Arcane” will tell the story of two champions from “League of Legends” who are divided by a force. In the announcement on YouTube, you can see that these are the “LoL” sisters “Jinx” and “Vii”. We know “Jinx” from “League of Legends” as a pretty crazy character. Her specialty is definitely blatant firearms. Her sister “Vii”, however, prefers to fight with her fists. The action will take place in the utopian city of Piltover and its oppressed, criminal district of Zaun. The first teaser definitely looks very promising. We are looking forward to more!

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