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We all know Julia Haart is one of the biggest stars of the hit Netflix show My Unorthodox Life. She garnered all the attention in the media due to her outspoken opinions on orthodox Jewish life and how she actually found freedom. Especially when she ditched her conservative Haredi community to enter glamour, fashion and wealth. According to the data, her estimated net worth is around $600 million.

Julia is also known for running a top modeling business and this is also the reason why the fashion model is never seen without amazing shoes, clothes. Inside fans knew that Elite World Group is not the only business Julia has been running. She has been the founder of a shoe company before as well. Now if you are also amongst those people who wonder from where gets her latest shoes, then we have researched everything about Julia Haart La Perla shoe line.

Shoe Line Of Julia Haart

After Julia Haart left the ultra-orthodox community she was raised in, she finally decided to launch her own namesake shoe line in 2013. Julia Haart had a goal in her mind to create a range of shoes that were not just fashionable but also comfortable when you wear them. Now her brand sells shoes across 17 countries. Julia also partnered with an Italian ski boot engineer and also with a German company. This company creates a special gel used by NASA to create a comfortable range of high heel shoes.

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Unfortunately, this collection of shoes ended when she joined the Italian Luxury House La Perla in 2016 as Creative Director. This news came after she collaborated with them for their Spring and Fall accessory collection of 2016.

How You Can Purchase Julia Haart Shoes Collection?

Most of Julia’s followers keep commenting on her choice of shoes regularly. She flaunts her collection of shoes is it platform heels to bold-colored high heels. If you are amongst those who love the collection of her shoes and wish to make some of them your collection, you have two great options. One you can purchase them from La Perlala on Posh Mark. The website of her shoes also offers many unique and trendy shoe collections. In fact, you can also find clothes she wore on the Netflix show on the website.

Net Worth of Julia Haart

Julia Haart is the CEO and co-owner of the world’s first talent media company and thus with that, she has accumulated quite a good net worth. All of her models that also include Kendall Jenner are thought to be paid around $373 per hour. She has been helping to run the company since the time 2019. Her talent company represents almost 5,400 talents. This is also not the only company she runs but she is also the creative director of e1972 then it is a luxury fashion brand by Elite World. In short, we can say the net worth of Julia Haart is pretty amazing.

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Fashion has always been the driving force of Julia Haart. We cannot deny that totally. So, its time you get your hands on the best shoe collection of Julia Haart all by yourself. If you liked this article then stay tuned to our website and read more articles like right here.


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