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In recent years, action cinema has gained new strength. To cite a few examples, the work of Liam Neeson with the Taken saga or Keanu Reeves with John Wick have been responsible for giving the genre a great boost. Recently Liam Neeson, who put himself in the role of Bryan Mills the man who dealt blows left and right, revealed that he is a fan of a current action saga and coincidentally it is not his own movies.

During an interview conducted by SlashFilm about the new film Memory, Neeson noted that of the current action films he is a big fan of The Equalizer. The film starring Denzel Washington is a remake of the homonymous series from the 80s. The new story introduces Robert McCall (Denzel), a calm and hard-working man who, by chance, will try to help a young woman who is subdued by the Russian mob, what the bad guys don’t know is that Robert is a highly trained former elite military man.

The film directed by Antoine Fuqua, director with whom Denzel won the Oscar for Training Day, became not only a success with the public, but also at the box office. Thanks to the impact of the first film, Sony Pictures gave the green light to Fuqua and Washington to get down to work on a sequel in 2018. Without going any further, it was recently confirmed that the third installment is in preparation and even has a confirmed release date.

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Going back to Liam, the Irish actor says he really enjoys Washington’s work, especially when he becomes Robert McCall and takes on the bad guys.

“It’s interesting. Yes, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum as well. I know he had a quality that bordered on vulnerability, which made him a great actor, I think. Mitchum was fantastic, a great hero of mine since I was a teenager. There was something about He that I liked. And who else now? Who else has that? Denzel Washington,” Liam said. “I mean, Denzel is a fantastic actor, probably our best movie star in this country. I’ve seen him on stage “I’ve seen a lot of his movies. I love those Antoine Fuqua ‘The Equalizer’ movies, I love those movies. Denzel could do that too. He can show a strength and a solidity and touch vulnerability, which is incredibly vigilant.” .

If you want to relive these great Liam and Denzel action titles, you can go to Star+ (Latin America) and Disney+ (Spain) for the Taken saga, while for The Equalizer you will have to do it on Netflix for Spain.

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