Lift Release Date Updates, Cast, Plot and More

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Fans it’s time to rejoice! Kevin Hart movie is coming again to our screens in the upcoming future and the movie is named Lift. Fans are pretty much excited about the movie and we cannot blame them for the same. After watching Kevin Hart’s Netflix movie Fatherhood, now we are more eager to see what’s next he is bringing to us.

Lift is a creative partnership deal that Kevin and his production company HartBeat Productions will have with Netflix. Kevin has signed a deal with Netflix in January 2021, where he will be producing a minimum of four films and will also be starred in them exclusively for Netflix.

So, now the upcoming Netflix movie Lift is a comedy one which we know is Kevin’s specialty when it comes to acting. We can expect nothing from the movie but the funniest elements just like other Kevin Hart movies. also, let me remind you that this movie doesn’t just come up with a  regular comedy, it is a new concept that this creative person is bringing onto our screen. This comedy movie will be set in a heist scenario. Imagine Kevin Hart attempting a Heist and pairing up his comedy dialogues? sounds so so much interesting and exciting.

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If you are also a fan of Lift, here we have collected all the details about the movie so that you won’t have to stay in doubt about what’s this movie is going to be about.

Lift Release Date 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date from Netflix for the movie Lift as of now. This is also not very surprising because the filming for the movie has not begun yet. The production of the movie is also not going to begin until early 2022. So, this brings us to the conclusion that this movie can make its way to Netflix at the end of 2022 or in the early months of 2023. These are some of our best predictions for the Lift release date and we will be waiting for much more information to give any further predictions.

Lift cast

As we said the filming of the movie has not begun yet, so the only finalized cast member we have now is Kevin Hart. We are surely expecting more of the cast members coming onto our screens in this comedy heist film and they might be revealed in the upcoming few months. The movie will be directed by F Gary Gray and the script of the movie is written by Dan Kunka. The lift will be produced by Genre Pictures, 6th & Idaho, and HartBeat Productions.

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Lift Synopsis

There is no official synopsis from Netflix for the movie, but we do have an idea what this film will be about. According to the film’s logline that was mentioned by Deadline:

Hart will play a master thief who is wooed by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to pull off an impossible heist with his international crew on a 777 flying from London to Zurich.

We are surely expecting an interesting plot from the movie and the movie should definitely be on your must-watch list when it releases out. And as soon as Netflix releases the official synopsis for the movie we will be updating it here right away.

When is Lift filming?

According to the reports we got from our sources, the Lift movie shoot is going to begin in February or March 2022. There is no announcement on the wrap-up date of the film schedule. There are also some reports that the production schedule will be beginning in Northern Ireland. Now the only thing we can do is to hope that the shooting schedule for Kevin’s Hart movie begins as early as possible so that the movie hits our screens.

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So, this was all about what we knew about Lift film that will be soon coming onto our screens to make us smile once again with the crazy charm of Kevin Hart. Stay tuned to our website as we are waiting for all the new updates on the film as soon as we get them we will surely post them here. Do share your expectations about the movie or are you excited about it in the comments section.

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