Like Daniel Craig, Sarah Jessica Parker gets infected and suspends her play on Broadway


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It was recently announced that ‘Macbeth’, Daniel Craig’s return to Broadway, was suspended due to the actor being infected during the first presentations. Now, it is confirmed that Sarah Jessica Parker also lives the same situation and after testing positive, the functions that the actress had at the door with the play, Plaza Suite, have been canceled.

A few days ago, it had been revealed that the protagonist of ‘Plaza Suite’, Matthew Broderick, who is also a partner of Sarah Jessica Parker, had been infected by the current pandemic. The functions of the staging were not canceled because a substitute took the role of the actor and thus, the work could continue without major problems…until another performer turned out to test positive as well.

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This time it was the protagonist of ‘And Just Like That…’, who shared the stage with her husband in ‘Plaza Suite’, also being one of the main actresses of the play. Unfortunately, she was also affected and for this reason it was decided to temporarily suspend the functions of this work, since it involved two protagonists with a complicated, although controlled, health situation.

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Through the official Instagram of ‘Plaza Suite’, it has been revealed that each of the presentations that were confirmed until April 10 have been canceled and it was revealed that after that date, the details about the presentations would be announced. following functions. In the same way, it has been confirmed that those who already had their tickets for some of the shows that were on these dates will be reimbursed their money; in turn, it was revealed that there will be a special staging for July 10.

For now, the actress of ‘Sex and the City’ has not mentioned anything regarding this situation, and her husband has not commented on the subject either. We will have to wait patiently for the acting couple to recover soon and that soon we can see them without any problem on stage to let us see their acting work in a staging.

The contagions in Broadway and Hollywood

Despite the fact that the pandemic is currently in a calmer stage in terms of positive cases, little by little peaks have been seen in which Broadway and Hollywood have been affected. In the case of the theater industry, in recent months several stagings have been canceled due to the same situation, as happened with ‘Plaza Suite’ and ‘Macbeth’ with Daniel Craig.

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While, in Hollywood, we have seen how the filming of several film projects has ceased for the same reason. One of the most recent was Jason Momoa, who tested positive on the set of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’; in turn, Dwayne Jonhsson, Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, and more, have been in the same situation, but fortunately they have managed to recover quickly.

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