Lil Baby Charges Up to $350,000 for a Feature

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Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s third studio album It’s Only Me is due out today, on the 14th of October. The album’s release date is set for tomorrow, October 14. the Atlanta rapper was keen to remind his fans that he’s able to drop a pounding verses at any time.

Lil Baby is the Atlanta artist is in promotional tour in preparation for the release of the The It’s All Mealbum that will be released next the 14th of October (Oct. 14, 2014). The previous the 11th of October (Oct. 11,), Lil Baby was an interviewer for Big the Loon’s Podcast. During the interview on the show, Lil Baby, the “In a Minute” rapper was asked about his preferences for women’s body types.

“I like thick girls, but I ain’t against skinny girls,” Lil Baby admitted at 31:09 in the interview. “I used to be, though. I used to didn’t like skinny girls. Now, skinny girls cool. I like ’em.”

When asked whether the BBL was out of fashion, Baby Lil Baby said, “I don’t really know what’s going to happen to it. fashion. It’s as if everyone has it nowadays. You’ve seen it before. If everyone has something, it’s going to go out of fashion then…That’s why it’s seen a bit. Normal girls. Rich girls. Broke girls. It’s the time when they play out.”

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The rapper made his way for Hot 97 to challenge Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle contest to the 3rd time. Although he kept it brief around two minutes and delivered bars with a rapid pace.

It’s Only Me is Lil Baby’s follow-up to his 2020 album, My Turn, which was released on the U.S. Billboard 200 and was the rapper’s first No. 1 album , and one of the top-charting albums this year.

It appears that Lil Baby took the advice and drastically increased his speed. He discussed the increase in his interview during an appearance on Big The Loon’s The Experience podcast.

“I don’t even be doing features no more,” he replied when asked about the price is the cost for a single. “Like, $300,000, $350,000. However, I haven’t been doing shows lately.”

Lil Baby explained he paused his appearances as a guest due to the fact that he was working on his project but is ready to get on a train whenever he has the time.

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“But if I know I ain’t putting out no album, or I ain’t got nothing going on, like, why not?” He explained.

He has also been making a lot of noise about the album’s 23 tracks It’s only Me throughout the past couple of months. In the beginning of September, he announced the album’s first single “Detox” alongside an official music video. Fans also got an insight into the album’s artwork, which depicts his life at various stages in his career as he ascended Mount Rushmore.

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