Lisa Kudrow Accused of Being a Terrible Person for Phoebe’s Very Own Comment

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Lisa Kudrow

Actress Lisa Kudrow has just suffered a completely unexpected attack on her reputation via TikTok, where one of the former stars of the reality show ‘The Hills’ has referred to her as “the worst human being in the world”. The person responsible for dragging her into a strange controversy, which for the moment remains one-way, is called Spencer Pratt and is a very popular face on the small American screen.

Her accusation has caused a stir because the interpreter’s public image is intrinsically linked to that of her character in the series ‘Friends’; Based on sharing the same physique, the affection that fans feel towards the eccentric but endearing Phoebe has ended up also extending to the person who played her in fiction. She also helps the fact that the star is not known for serious scandals and has been married to the father of her only child since 1995, something very unusual in the world of Hollywood, but that contributes to giving her an air of normality. .

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Spencer’s low opinion of Lisa dates back to a 2009 encounter at a very exclusive party where both he and his wife Heidi Montag felt completely out of place. To her surprise, the actress approached them while they were eating and proceeded to inform Heidi that she should leave him immediately because Spencer had “serial killer eyes” and would end up killing her.

“Heidi waited to see if it was a joke. We thought maybe it was a joke. But there was no laughter, and she walked away like it was nothing. And that was the rudest encounter I’ve ever had with another being.” human,” Spencer revealed on her TikTok account. Of course, making a comment like that, without giving it any kind of context, is very typical of Phoebe, but it is also true that the behavior of that character would not be tolerated on most occasions in real life.

Her story has prompted another celebrity, Bethenny Frankel, to share her experience with Lisa as well. In her case, she has wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt by admitting that she may be a charming woman, but she certainly did not behave like one when she interviewed her a decade ago for the television program she had on That moment.

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“He asked him very normal and basic questions. It was obvious that he did not want to be there. And there were already two of us,” Bethenny recalled on the same video platform.

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