Lisa Kudrow is described as ‘one of the worst human beings on Earth

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Lisa Kudrow is described as 'one of the worst human beings' on Earth

Lisa Kudrow has been called “one of the worst human beings” on Earth by American celebrity, Spencer Pratt.

The actor criticized the ‘Friends’ star on TikTok, for which TV star Bethenny Frankel also commented that she had a “crazy experience” with Lisa when she appeared on her talk show.

Spencer, best known for his role in ‘The Hills’, initially blasted Lisa last week and then took to the platform again to explain his comment.

The actor alleged that Lisa approached him and his wife Heidi Montag at a party in 2009, where he said the actress had told him he had the “eyes of a serial killer” and was going to murder his partner.

“While we were sitting eating some caviar, Phoebe (Lisa) came over, which was a bit awkward as no one had spoken to us at all at the party. Right in front of me she told Heidi that she had to get away from me. as soon as possible because I was going to kill her, because according to her I have the eyes of a serial killer.” Heidi waited to see if it was a joke, if it was a party with a hidden camera. But she didn’t laugh, she just walked away. That It was just the moment I’ve ever been with the most grotesque human being.”

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Spencer had claimed that Lisa was “one of the worst human beings I’ve ever come in contact with” in a video on her TikTok account on Friday.

He called her “Phoebe from ‘Friends'” on the recording, claiming that she was one of the “worst” people he had ever come across “by far”.

For her part, Bethenny said at the time: “It’s crazy. She was on my talk show and I had a crazy experience too,” but did not elaborate.

Meanwhile, Spencer, who married Heidi in 2008, is expecting her second child in December, after having Gunner in 2017.

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