Locke & Key Season 3: Filming Beings! Here Are The Updates

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Locke & Key: Filming for season 3 started – so it goes on with the Netflix hit

Season 2 of “Locke & Key” hasn’t even been released on Netflix yet, so filming on season 3 is already in full swing.

After Netflix confirmed ” Locke & Key ” Season 3 Netflix began filming in May.

However, an exact start date is not yet known.

Executive producer Cuse promises you “unbelievable adventures” by the Locke siblings.
Although the second season of “Locke & Key” has not yet started, Netflix is already extending the series for a third season. Filming of the brand new episodes began in May 2021, according to the online magazine What’s on Netflix.

Locke & Key: start date;

Filming for season 2 has been completed since March 2021, the new episodes should be in post-production. Season 3 has been filmed since May 2021. There is therefore not yet an exact start date for the 3rd season. It may appear just a little later after the second season starts in early 2022.

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Said Brian Wright of Netflix, “Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill built an amazing world in ‘Locke & Key’ and we’re excited to see the Lockes return for season three.”

Cuse added, “We have some incredible adventures in store for the Locke family in Season 3 and couldn’t be more excited to share our story with our great partners on Netflix.”

Locke & Key: plot.

Nothing is known about the plot of the 3rd season, after all, not even the 2nd season has appeared yet. As soon as there is information about the story, you can find it here.

Locke & Key: Trailer and pictures.

There are also no trailers or pictures for the third season. The shooting hasn’t started yet. If there’s a trailer.

Locke & Key: cast.

We can’t say yet whether there will be new characters in season 3. Connor Jessup, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Darby Stanchfield, Brendan Hines, and Sherri Saum will likely be back in season 3.

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