Locke & Key: When Will Season 2 Release On Netflix?

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Locke & Key: when does season 2 of the Netflix hit start?

“Locke & Key” season 2 is coming to Netflix! when you can expect the new episodes and what adventures the Locke siblings are facing.

The shooting of the second season “Locke & Key” was completed in March.

The start of the new episodes at streaming provider Netflix is therefore within reach.
A reason to be happy: The filming of season 3 has already started!

In February 2020, “Locke & Key” started on the Netflix streaming service and was extremely successful. Now the filming of “Locke & Key” season 2 is apparently finished, and the new adventures of the siblings are getting closer and closer.

But fans of the mystery series have even more reason to be happy. The second season didn’t even come out on Netflix, so filming for season 3 of “Locke & Key” is about to begin. So it remains exciting with the Locke siblings.

Locke & Key: Season 2 start date.

Netflix announced in March 2020 that “Locke & Key” Season 2 was a done deal. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming was delayed, but the online magazine What’s on Netflix should have been finished since March. So “Locke & Key” Season 2 is in post-production and could be released in September 2021 at the earliest, more towards the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022 on the streaming giant.

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Locke & Key: Season 2 cast.

Aaron Ashmore and Heallea Jones, who had a recurring role in “Locke & Key” season 1, will be promoted to leadership roles in season two. Jones takes on the role of the antagonist. Eden Hawkins, as her role is called, is a former high school bitch turned demon.

Ashmore, whose twin brother Shawn stars in Amazon’s “The Boys”, plays Duncan Locke, the uncle of the three children. Duncan has a story with the keys and helps the kids in their battle against Dodge.

As a third addition, Liyou Abere is listed as a recurring actress. The young actress embodies the eleven-year-old Amie Bennett. She is very bright and quickly befriends Bode and allies with him against the dark forces that threaten the Lockes.

They join the established cast of Darby Stanchfield (“Scandal”) as Nina Locke, Connor Jessup (American Crimes) as Tyler Locke, Layla De Oliveira as Dodge, Petrice Jones as Scot Cavendish, and Bill Heck as Rendell Locke.

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Also, Thomas Mitchell Barnett as Sam Lesser, Sherri Saum as Ellie Whedon, Cody Bird as Rufus Whedon, Jesse Camacho as Doug Brazile, Asha Bromfield as Zadie Wells, Griffin Gluck as Gabe, Emilia Jones as Kinsey Locke, and Jackson Robert Scott as Bode Locke be part of “Locke & Key” season 2.

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Locke & Key: Season 2 plot.

After the end of Season 1, in which the Locke children were set up by a demon, Season 2 will surely start there. The demon got the kids to throw Ellie (Sherrie Saum) into nowhere behind the Omega door and Eden (Halle Jones) is apparently also controlled by the demon. The siblings have to find solutions here.

Since the series is based on the successful comics by Gabriel Rodríguez and Joe Hill, the series makers could orientate themselves on this storyline. Rodríguez and Hill have nothing against the fact that the scriptwriters often distance themselves from the story in the comic books.

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The two revealed that the series had to function as a TV show and that a new plot would sometimes be necessary for this. What is certain, however, is that fans can expect new keys and doors that lead to unknown worlds.

Locke & Key: Season 2 Trailer.

Since the shooting of the new season has not yet started, there is no trailer for season 2. As soon as this is released, you will be able to see it here.

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