‘Loki’: Is Black Widow the girl in the trailer?

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  • The new preview of the Disney + series brings us closer to the mission of the God of Deception: to solve the chaos that he himself has caused. And it looks like it will have help.

Loki has returned more chaotic than ever in the new trailer for the Disney + series.

The streaming platform has let us take a look at the universe of fiction that opens on June 11 and, in addition to learning more about its mission, has raised some unknowns. The most important is who is the girl who appears sitting next to the protagonist, is it Black Widow? Lady Loki

Although at first she physically resembles the character of Scarlett Johansson, the option that she is Lady Loki is the most likely. Many users of social networks have commented on the possibility that the creators of the fiction have resorted to this form that Loki has adopted on several occasions throughout its history. It is one of the aspects of the character that remains to be explored and there is no better place for it than his solo series.

As always, there are fans who are aware of all the news and point out that the one who appears in the image is the actress Sophia Di Martino, who has unofficially signed to give life to Lady Loki. Officially his role is unknown.

Who is Lady Loki? Loki has the ability to adopt any form he wishes, so more than once he has transformed into Lady Loki, taking the body that was intended for Lady Sif. With this new look, he does what he loves the most: manipulating people and playing heroes to get his way. He is not an alternate version of the character, but rather is Loki himself in another appearance.

However, in the trailer image we see Loki in front of Lady Loki, how is it possible? We cannot forget that Tom Hiddleston’s character has altered reality after using the Tesseract and may have encountered the Loki from an alternate timeline. To further curl the curl, you may meet Lady Loki hence they can have a face to face.

At the moment, as always with Marvel, everything is speculation and we will still have to wait two months to better understand the plot of the fiction. Fortunately, the latest preview has confirmed that the God of Deception will have to collaborate with the AVT (Agency for Temporal Variation) to solve the chaos he has caused after using the Tesseract. Mobius M. Mobius ( Owen Wilson ) knows that he is not the best person to trust an assignment, but he has no alternative.

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