Loki Is Coming To Disney+ Early! Here’s What You Should Know

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All “Loki” fans should pull out their calendars because the rascal god celebrates his premiere on Disney + earlier than expected.

Big surprise: “Loki” starts 2 days earlier on Disney +.

The 1st of 6 episodes of the MCU series will be released on June 9, 2021.
This turns Wednesday into “Loki” day.

After the first two major MCU series ” WandaVision ” and ” The Falcon and The Winter Soldier “, Disney + viewers and Marvel fans were actually used to the fact that new series episodes are released on the mouse streaming service on Fridays. But ” Loki “, the 3rd MCU show on Disney +, is now breaking new ground – and at the same time bringing its start date forward!.

On Wednesday, June 9th, 2021, the premiere episode of “Loki” will appear on Disney +, as lead actor Tom Hiddleston now announces personally in a funny video:

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The other 5 “Loki” episodes will also appear on Disney + every Wednesday in a weekly rhythm.

With his statement from the above clip that Loki is always excluded from “long superhero montages”, Loki actor Tom Hiddleston alludes to the recently released Marvel mega trailer on the future of the MCU in phase 4.

The Disney + series was actually not mentioned in this, but the video showed the first excerpts from “Eternals”, which we will go into in more detail elsewhere: “Marvel’s Eternals”: 7 Easter eggs and details from the trailer for the new MCU blockbuster.

The arrival of Lady Loki or a Kid Loki?

The teaser of Loki gave heat to several speculations including the arrival of different versions of Loki that were previously seen only in Comic Books. The arrival of Lady Loki seems quite possible but also a Kid Loki can be included in the series. In the comics, Kid Loki is the reborn version of our favorite God of Mischief who was created after Loki died saving Thor, similar instance is seen when Loki saves Thor from Thanos in Infinity War sacrificing his own life.

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There’s no confirmation about the presence of Kid Loki in the Disney+ series but the arrival of Lady Loki is confirmed. Actress Sophie Di Martino was previously added to the list of Loki’s case with an unnamed character which after a while was revealed to be Lady Loki after a Reddit user posted a photo of Sophie wearing a costume closely similar to that of Lady Loki

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