Loki: Season 2 Is Already Confirmed?

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Loki” hasn’t even started yet and type of rumors are already going around, season 2 is already safe.

Loki” is in the starting blocks: It starts on June 11th and all Marvel fans can look forward to a new series on Disney Plus! Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) is an interesting character who doesn’t lack cool sayings – and the decision-makers behind the mega-studio Marvel also seem convinced of their new product. Because even now, months before the first broadcast of the first episode, rumors are circulating that a second season is almost guaranteed. A Marvel producer commented on these rumors.



Why “Loki” already has the potential for a second season.

“Loki” could actually become one of the flagships of the Marvel series. While “ WandaVision ” and “ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ” have already been enthusiastically received by critics and fans, that says a lot about the quality of the new series with Hiddleston in the lead role. Marvel producer Nate Moore spoke about the new series in an interview with IndieWire. “ The one thing that comes to mind – and I think it’s no secret – is that there is a lot of potential in terms of storytelling because Loki is a pretty cool and clever character and has been doing that for several seasons suitable and will not be a one-time thing.”Moore is also enthusiastic about the actor:” Tom Hiddleston does some of his best work in this series, which is really amazing. “People will be” surprised “at what else they can expect, the producer teases. Sounds to us like season two is pretty safe – at least for Marvel’s side! Now all that’s left to do is to get the odds right.

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What sets “Loki” apart from other Marvel series.

If you look at the trailer and the general story of “Loki” – the god has to travel through several different times and universes – and compare these with the stories of the other two Marvel series, the specialty of “Loki” becomes clear. ” WandaVision ” was about grief and was a compelling narrative in itself – you won’t be able to add a second season that can repeat what made season 1 special and represented the premise of the series. And even “ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ”, a series that offers a comparatively large amount of space, tells a single storyline. “Loki”, on the other hand, can be and become anything. Another difference: Loki as a character has already had a lot of development behind him, which you as a viewer could follow over several films. We don’t need a background story or we have to understand him and his actions, we have already got to know him well. That opens up other, new and exciting stories that we can hardly wait for!

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