Loki’s screenwriter says Kang is not “the one who remains”

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Kang - Loki

Despite showing himself as the great villain of the first season of Loki, The One Who Remains would not be the one they should fear, according to Loki’s screenwriter.

The first season of Loki He has already reached his grand finale and, as expected, he introduced a new great villain for him. Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, according to the scriptwriter of the show, the identity of this is not entirely what was thought. Furthermore, he confirmed that this should not be the great fear of heroes. The worst is yet to come, but once again … Time will tell.

After mounting the farce of the AVT (Temporal Variation Agency) for his imperial purposes, the nemesis of the god of deception manifested himself. Interpreted by Jonathan Majors, the subject presented himself as the one who has been called by many names, the king, the conqueror, or the one who remains. Although these titles make direct allusion to Kang, everything can be different.

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Revealed the great villain of the Loki series (SPOILERS)

The official voice

According to the scriptwriter of the show Disney+, Michael Waldron, who expanded a little more on this matter, this is what happens. “Knowing that Kang would likely be the next great villain in this universe, and because he is a time traveler and a multiversal adversary, it seemed to us that it made a lot of sense to include him.”. However, he clarified that “We have left blood, sweat and tears thinking how bad it was going to be. Because, as El Que Permanece warns, he is not the one to be afraid of, because something terrifyingly bad is yet to come “, he claimed.

With the above, ‘La Casa de las Ideas’ ensures that the first is a variant of the second and that the latter is the one who appears as a statue at the end of the sixth episode. So yes, it is Kang, but not exactly the version of Kang that will wreak havoc on the UCM, The best is yet to come.

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Thus, the official debut of the live action version of Kang, The Conqueror, will occur in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

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