Lord Of The Rings Series Has A Crazy Budget! Amazon Explains It

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The most ambitious project of the streaming platform far surpasses that of the original trilogy in its entirety and also ‘Game of Thrones.

The Lord of the Rings series that Amazon Prime Video works on is not only the most ambitious television project today but as such it is also the most expensive. This was recently revealed in an article published by The Hollywood Reporter: Only in its first season, the costs of the long-awaited fiction set in the fantasy universe of JRR Tolkien have exceeded 400 million dollars, raising the final figure to nothing more and no less than 465 million dollars -650 million in New Zealand dollars-. There is nothing.

If you are not very aware of what it costs to make a series, it is best to compare these figures with the cost of other projects with similar characteristics to get an idea of the investment madness that the project has meant for Amazon. Without going any further, the budget exceeds with growing that of the entire original film trilogy and also Game of Thrones, which with its dragons and legendary battles did not spend more than 100 million dollars per season.

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Although Amazon Prime Video does not confirm the spectacular figure published by The Hollywood Reporter, the management of the streaming platform Jennifer Salke has spoken openly about production costs, referring to it in the context of what it means to make a series television of these characteristics today. He has also made statements to THR, ensuring that this type of high figure is not something uncommon in the world of ‘streaming’.

“The market is crazy, as you have seen with the Daggers in the Back deal, “says Salke, referring to the recent deal in which Netflix agrees to pay $450 million for the rights to the two sequels to Rian Johnson’s film.

This is a full season of a series about a huge world that is under construction. The number is an attractive headline or a crazy headline that is easy to click on, but what you are doing here is creating the infrastructure of what the entire series is going to hold.

“But it is a crazy world and some of us who are here have been in negotiations in which the figures begin to rise in an incredible way, “explains the directive, revealing details about the complexity of carrying out the different decisions around everything. that has to do with the series. “There is a lot of haggling and we have to make decisions about how far we want to stretch and where we have to draw a line. How many people do you need to see The Lord of the Rings? A lot. A huge global audience has to show up for the appointment and we are pretty sure it’s going to be like this. ”

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Likewise, Salke has also pointed out that many of the costs of this first season of The Lord of the Rings are a first investment that will be worth them for the future of the series, which, as you already know, a second installment is already guaranteed and is expected that can be kept in the catalog for a long time. In fact, there has already been talking of five seasons and a potential ‘spin-off’, although everything is still on the table without firm decisions in this regard.

What’s more, those 450 million dollars, fall short. Almost a billion is what Amazon has spent on the project, not only in terms of production but mainly in the purchase of rights.

The long-awaited series of The Lord of the Rings will tell a story within the universe created by Tolkien that you did not know in detail and will be set in the Second Age of the Sun, thousands of years before the events narrated in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. by JRR Tolkien. This period spans from the resurgence of Sauron, through the creation of the Rings of Power, the war of the Elves against Sauron, and ending with his defeat, where he loses the One Ring.

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Its filming has been underway for several months and its premiere is scheduled for 2022. Developed by JD Payne and Patrick McKay as ‘showrunners’, the series has an extensive cast of more than 20 actors and actresses that you can see under these lines.


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