Lorenzo Méndez responds to statements by Johnny López that he hit Chiquis Rivera

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Lorenzo Méndez responds to statements by Johnny López that he hit Chiquis Rivera

He has not always entered the rag when he has been involved in a scandal, but this time he has not been able to remain silent. After last week Johnny lopez assured that he himself witnessed how on some occasion Lorenzo Mandez physically assaulted Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, the Mexican regional singer responded furiously to the serious accusations made by his ex-wife’s brother.

Lorenzo Méndez met with reporters this week and it was inevitable that they asked him about his ex-brother-in-law Johnny López. The singer not only flatly denied that he had ever hit Chiquis Rivera or another woman in his life, but also made it clear that in his case he does not want to be part of any “circus” because he is not a “clown.”

Lorenzo Méndez responded to the serious accusations of Johnny López.

“I take that kind of things very seriously, I have a daughter, I have a mother who watches the news and sees this kind of thing, she is fixing herself internally, I don’t want to make a pe ** …”, said the regional singer Mexican when asked about the strong statements of his ex-brother-in-law.

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The singer does not want a “circus” because he is not a “clown”.

In case there was any doubt, I clarify if he hit Chiquis Rivera.

When asked by reporters, the Mexican regional singer responded furiously if he ever hit Chiquis Rivera. “I have not hit any woman in my life, thank you,” said Lorenzo Méndez visibly annoyed with this controversial issue.

Johnny had said that Lorenzo Méndez “yes” attacked Chiquis Rivera.

A reporter from the program * Suelta la Sopa * asked him at the Los Angeles airport if he ever saw the singer physically assault his sister and his answer was forceful: “yes.” At the insistence of the reporter, the youngest son of the longed-for __Jenni Rivera__ repeated it up to two more times: “Yes, yes”, although later he did not want to answer whether he could defend Chiquis from these attacks.

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