‘Lost In Space’ Season 3: Netflix Reveals Premiere Date, First Look Photos & Teaser Trailer

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According to a new teaser trailer, Netflix’s science-fiction thriller Lost in Space will premiere its third season in December. The news that the program has been extended for a third season was bittersweet since it would also be the Robinsons’ last appearance. On the positive side, knowing this ahead of time allows the authors to prepare an appropriately grandiose conclusion to their sci-fi story on their own terms. The official teaser video starts with an unoccupied spacecraft and Will Robinson compiling what sounds like just a captain’s log.

As per deadline.com, the stakes are greater than ever, and the Robinson family’s sustenance instincts will be pushed to the greatest challenge. Judy (played by Taylor Russell), Penny (portrayed by Mina Sundwall), Will (played by Maxwell Jenkins), and the Robot (Brian Steele in a robot outfit) must give rise to the 97 early age Colonists in a terrifying rescue operation after a year of being stuck on a strange planet — but not until mysteries are dredged up that will turn their views forever.

Lost in Space portrays the Robinson family on a poorly voyage that leaves them trapped in the remote reaches of the cosmos, based on the cult-favorite 1960s program of the same name. The battle for survival begins as they face robots, fuel shortages, and other existential threats, culminating in a startling climax at the conclusion of season two. Continue reading further to learn more about the next season of Lost in Space.

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Will there be a third season of Lost in Space?

Back in March, Lost in Space was confirmed for a third installment, which will premiere in 2021. On the other hand, Netflix has stated that the following season will be the Robinsons’ last voyage.

According to showrunner Zack Estrin, the Lost in Space crew has always seen The Robinsons’ tale as a trilogy, who announced the program’s renewal.

He described it as a three-part incredible family journey with a definite start and finish.  It is also worth mentioning that these people simply go through to survive every show, Will, Penny, Judy, Maureen, John, Don West, Dr. Smith, and The Robot. If anybody deserves a breather until their next assignment, it is them. 

Fans of Estrin’s art are fortunate since he just inked a multi-year agreement with Netflix, ensuring that they will see more of his work in the future.

The release date for the third season of Lost in Space

Netflix has announced that the third season of Lost in Space will premiere on December 1, 2021. The last season of this series will premiere this fall.

What will occur in the third season of Lost in Space?

The Lost in Space crew has not given much information about narrative aspects for the upcoming season, but we may speculate on what the last season will be like.

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After being ambushed by a swarm of robots, the Robinson family divided up at the conclusion of Lost in Space’s second season. Whereas the Robinson family battle the robots with the aid of their trusted bot Scarecrow, Judy Robinson is assigned to captain a second spacecraft, Jupiter 2, to safely transport the troop of youngsters to Alpha Centauri.

Season three will presumably disclose Maureen and John’s destiny, including whether or not they survived the robot assault. It also threw the question of whether their spacecraft Resolute was fully taken over by the assaulting robots.  If that is the case, season three would most eventually follow the couple as they strive to find and reconcile with their children.

The forthcoming season should also clarify what’s behind the human-made message that led Judy and Jupiter 2 to the Fortuna, a starship piloted by Judy’s biological dad, Grant Kelly.

At the conclusion of season two, viewers were made to think that the wicked Dr. Smith, who is really June Harris — a petty thief who took her sister’s persona to claim her position on the Resolute – perished while fighting the robots. It is conceivable, however, that she did live after her scarf was discovered on Jupiter 2.

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Who will feature in the third season of Lost in Space?

The Robinson family, which comprises Maureen portrayed by Molly Parker, is best known for her outstanding roles in Deadwood and House of Cards. Toby Stephens portrays John, most remembered for his role as the Bond villain in 2002’s Die Another Day, is expected to return.

Maxwell Jenkins (cast of Sense8), Taylor Russell (previously cast in Waves; Escape Room), and Mina Sundwall (best known for Freeheld; Maggie’s Plan) portray the three youngsters, and all three are expected to return for season three.

Parker Posey (best known for You’ve Got Mail), who played the villainous June Harris in previous seasons, is not sure whether she would return since her character seemed to die at the conclusion of the previous season, but June might still be alive.

Trailer of Lost in Space season 3

The teaser, which was released on YouTube on Thursday (October 7, depicts a lot of damage and destruction. Will Robinson provides the narration for what looks to be a quite dismal scenario. The authors seem to have taken full cognizance of the opportunity that young Maxwell is no longer so small, and instead of spending a lot on CGI, they have adopted a prequel tale in which he has genuinely grown-up, as seen by the trailer.

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