Love Is Blind Reunion: Who are still together and are Separated?

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For the second time, a batch of hopeful singles appeared on a Netflix reality show to answer a philosophical question: Is love blind?

Love is Blind

A week after the second season of “Love Is Blind” reached its dramatic conclusion, the cast’s even more dramatic reunion gave the audience an answer by showing which couples are still together and which ones definitely broke up, as well as which cast members are still together. hung on aesthetic preferences (cough, shake).

Below, find out what the six once-engaged couples said about each other when they went over their relationships on air for the last time, or, at least, until the next Instagram post.

Jarrette and Iyanna

Love Is Blind: Jarrette and Iyanna

Marital status: Married

If Jarrette and Iyanna were your favorites, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The couple is still together, and they are dressed in matching red suits to show their solidarity.

That’s not to say that examining the occasionally difficult start to their relationship during the meeting was easy.

During the meeting, Iyanna acknowledged that she felt uncomfortable watching Jarrette talk to Mallory, whom she proposed in the capsules, during their honeymoon. “That part was really hurtful. Everything before the proposal, I understand it completely, but everything after… it was extremely hard for me to see.” Iyanna said. Jarrette apologized for the tenor of his conversation with Mallory: “That conversation should never have happened.”

However, they seem to have left the past behind. A married man, Jarrette revealed that he has gone ahead with his lifestyle change and goes out less. Iyanna, on the other hand, socializes more.

“We’ve been finding our balance. We are hyperconscious that we are very different, he is extremely outgoing. This will always be something we will have to deal with because we are so different. But we have similar values and similar things.” goals,” Iyanna said.

Nick and Daniela

Marital status: Married

Danielle and Nick are still married. In fact, Danielle revealed that during the Christmas holidays, Nick’s uncle surprised her with a family wedding ring. “I felt like I was proposed again,” Danielle said.

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Danielle (and her cat) moved into Nick’s apartment, and the audience was able to get a glimpse of their shared space. Despite his initial reluctance to have Danielle’s Rock Band drums in the living room, Nick has become engaged, and says that he even sometimes plays drums as well. The couple is also united by their shared hobby of dancing on furniture: “He dances on the tables more than I do,” Danielle said.

The couple was candid about working on their communication problems in couples therapy. “One of the things we’ve learned… it’s to listen more and talk less. One of my faults is that I’m a repairman: when there’s a problem, I go into solution mode,” Nick said. He then goes on to say, “She just wants you to understand that she feels this way, not to fix it.”

Shayne and Natalie

Marital status: Broken, but tried to make it work

Natalie refused to marry Shayne, and her decision was due to an interaction that was not captured on camera. The night before Shayne and Natalie got married, the couple had a big fight. According to Natalie, Shayne said he hated her and that she was “the worst” thing that had ever happened to him. He couldn’t get past the comments.

At the meeting, Shayne and Natalie revealed that they tried to get out after the cameras stopped recording. However, the fight continued to haunt Natalie. “I held on to that fight for so long. I couldn’t move on,” Natalie said.

In the end, Natalie said she was grateful for the fight, because it showed that she was not ready to marry Shayne. “That night changed everything for us. It was a wake-up call: we have big problems to solve and maybe we’re not ready for marriage,” Natalie said.

Natalie also took responsibility for her part. “I apologize for making you feel like you weren’t good enough,” Natalie said through tears. “You were more than enough.”

Speaking of his relationship with Natalie, Shayne described his mood at the meeting as “sad”. Natalie shared the sentiment.

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Shake and Deepti

Marital status: Broken

Even though they were united by their shared values in the capsules, Deepti and Shake’s relationship faltered once they met face-to-face. Deepti left Shake at the altar, citing her desire to be with a man who “knows for sure” he wants to be with her.

Since then, fans and family members have talked about Shake and Deepti’s relationship, specifically, Shake’s treatment of Deepti and his fixation on his appearance. In the capsules, Shake placed emphasis on appearance. Then, after getting engaged, Shake spoke openly with cast members who weren’t attracted to Deepti.

Speaking to Nick Viall on “The Viall Files,” Deepti revealed that the cast informed him about Shake’s comments. “Jarrette actually pushed me aside specifically and said, ‘I don’t think you should marry him. It doesn’t speak very well of you’… I’m grateful for the cast,” Deepti said.

The reunion focused more on Shake’s behavior than on his relationship with Deepti, which has clearly ended. Host Vanessa Lachey confronted Shake over his emphasis on appearance: “I think you went to the wrong show.” To that, Shake replied, “Love is not purely blind to me… I want him to be partially blind. I want it to be, ‘Love is blurry,’ okay?”

Salt and Mallory

Marital status: Broken, but tried to make it work

Sal walked away from his relationship with Mallory in the hallway. At the meeting, the couple revealed that they reviewed their connection after the show stopped filming, before finally moving on.

“We gave him an honest chance. We met for coffee and chatted, but at the end of the day the connection wasn’t there. We understood that there was no point in continuing,” Sal said.

Sal was reluctant to talk about the problems present in his relationship with Mallory. “There were things that happened that I don’t feel comfortable saying. It doesn’t make sense now. It’s our story,” Sal said. He added, later, that there were “many times” that he felt “not heard” in his arguments.

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Mallory and Sal also reviewed Mallory’s now-infamous interaction with Jarrette in Mexico, in which Jarrette implied that Sal had bought her the wrong ring. Sal called the conversation inappropriate. “Any of you could have stopped that conversation right away,” Sal said.

Mallory responded by saying she was in a “difficult situation.” In short: Jarrette had proposed marriage in the capsules and Mallory refused; this was the first time they had spoken in person. “I was extremely nervous and anxious. The conversation lasted longer than it should,” he said.

Kyle and Shaina

Marital status: Broken

Unlike the other couples at the meeting, Kyle and Shaina never made it to the hallway, nor did they attempt to rekindle their bond after the show ended. They spent the meeting discussing the “drama and disorder,” as Shaina called it, that occurred in the capsules and beyond.

After seeing footage of Shaina and Shayne’s last conversation in the capsules, Kyle said it felt like he was in second place. “You used me as a backup. You were seeing if he would change the last minute and ask you to marry him instead of Natalie,” Kyle said.

Shaina said she “had feelings” for Kyle, but felt pressure to say yes after he gave her a relic wedding ring. “When I said yes, I felt very confused in the capsule. I felt a little manipulated by you taking out your mother’s engagement ring,” Shaina said. “I could have avoided a lot of things by saying no. I should definitely have said no.”

Shaina also denied following up on any connections she had with Shayne.

That’s it for the second season of “Love Is Blind.”

And with that, concludes the second season of “Love Is Blind”, not with a bang, but with some reunion fights. Until the third season of “Love Is Blind” comes out to give us more partners to analyze, we’ll be watching the upcoming Netflix dating show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, “The Ultimatum.”

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