‘Love Is Blind’ star Shayne Jansen stands by Irina Solomonova during her public apology in Season 4.

Former “Love Is Blind” contestant Shayne Jansen has expressed his support for the show’s season 4 newcomer Irina Solomonova, who has been receiving criticism for her behavior on the show. To show his solidarity, Jansen left a comment on Solomonova’s Instagram page, stating that while he does not condone her actions, the hate comments she has been receiving are absolutely disgusting. Jansen also shared his own experience with receiving backlash after his season aired. Following Jansen’s comment, Solomonova wiped her comments section on Instagram. The 26-year-old business owner also issued a video apology in which she privately apologized to the people she hurt and mistreated.

Solomonova’s mean girl behavior with her pal Micah Lussier in the women’s lounge and her treatment of ex-fiance Zack Goytowski before their split in Mexico have drawn criticism from fans. Meanwhile, the show’s new episodes show Zack rekindling his romance with Bliss Poureetezadi after he and Solomonova split in Mexico. Solomonova also talked with Lussier about having feelings for Lussier’s fiance, Paul Peden, while they were in Mexico. Lussier has previously issued her own apology following online criticism.

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“Love Is Blind” season 4 dropped last Friday on Netflix, a new season that fans have been anticipating. Some fans might have hoped that Solomonova and Goytowski would have stayed together, but the show took a different turn. Fans can watch the new episodes on Netflix.

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