Lucas NCT Removal: Here is Everything You Need to Know

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As the days passed, Lucas Wong fans were missing him more especially when he was forced to go on a hiatus after fighting the gaslighting allegations from his alleged former partners. There’s always some kind of controversy that hovers around the personal relationship of Hong Kong rapper, singer, and model Lucas. Everything associated with his personal relationship has created shockwaves in both the Chinese and Korean entertainment industries. Now more details of the scandal surrounding Lucas of NCT have been released that have created more chaos in the K-pop community than there originally was.

The 22-year-old NCT/WayV’s Lucas was accused of not just being involved in different romantic relationships with a number of his female fans in China as well as in Korea. Both of them are also accused of other bad behaviors like cheating, taking advantage of, criticizing televisions shows, their girlfriends, and more.

Lucas NCT Removal: Reason Behind That

All the allegations against Lucas went on viral on different social media platforms. The male idol and his management company SM Entertainment also had to issue a response in the final week of August. The surprise element in the response was rather denying the allegations and all the rumors. Thus he posted an apology letter. In addition to that SM entertainment also said that they have all the activities of Lucas that left all the fans completely disappointed.

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Lucas has also apologized to people who had been hurt by his wrongdoings in his handwritten letter. In addition to that, he added in his letter that at present he needs some self-introspection and he is completely aware of his mistakes and now wants to work upon them.

Besides that, SM Entertainment has also accepted that they were just being quite irresponsible in the management of their artist’s deeds. Therefore an apology to everyone was made that was affected by Lucas’s actions. But there was no clarification provided by the SM Entertainment company regarding his association with NCT whether he will stay or quit in the end.

After this announcement in August, not much information was available on their website except for the male idol’s flight to China has was called off. After all these scenarios now fans were inquisitive about his future especially when they realized that Lucas was missing from NCT’s new merchandise.

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No Confirmation On The Allegations On Lucas

Yes, there has been no confirmation on whether every single allegation made against Lucas is true or not. You might not know but the first few accusations had come out, SM entertainment pulled Lucas from all of the schedules and even halted the release of his upcoming single with NCT’s Hendery that is titled Jalapeno.

Whats was Fans reactions on Lucas missing in the NCT merchandise?

Now, recently SMTOWN & STORE has made an announcement about how NCT’s merch “MY ARTIST CARD PACK” will be available for sale very soon at the company’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza store in Seoul. The pack will also have a photocard cover and many random photocards with the members and different stickers. However, Lucas’s fans were also quick enough to realize that 22 members’ names were printed on the sticker that set whereas his name was missing.

Although this was expected after the controversy was made in public. Many of the fans were quite happy with this move and demanded SM company remove Lucas completely from NCT rather than remove him from the merchandise. There are also many international fans of Lucas who actually stood by him and asked for forgiveness for his mistakes. Now, this is just a love scandal and he completely did not break any law.

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Surprisingly there were many fans of Lucas that they were so sure of Lucas that he did not do anything wrong instead was completely under pressure from SM to post the apology.

Is Lucas Still A Member of NCT or not?

All this havoc around the corner has left his fans wondering especially the international fans whether he is still a member of NCT or not. A company has silently removed him from the merchandise, we can also expect them to remove him completely especially after seeing all these actions by them.

SM has currently not released any official response to all this vitriol they have received after their merchandising decision. Now we are left with an unsaid explanation and it won’t be clear until SM entertainment itself clarifies the future of Lucas with their company.

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