Lucifer Season 5: Notable Change From The Series On Netflix That Fans Liked

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Lucifer Season 5: Notable Change From The Series On Netflix That Fans Liked

Lucifer appeared on the streaming platform Netflix on May 28, with the second wave of episodes of season 5, which has been waiting for months, since the first part premiered in August last year.

The diabolical drama starring Tom Ellis and Lauren German premiered on Fox in January 2016, where it ran until May 2018 after it was canceled with its third season.

To save the series after the request of millions of fans around the world, Netflix retaken the show to continue the adventures of the king of darkness Lucifer Morningstar played Ellis, and his beloved Chloe Decker, the character of German.

As part of the show’s attraction and being able to meet streaming standards, Netflix made a change that fans found very important. Along the way, the platform implemented some curse words into Lucifer’s script that were previously unsaid on the show.

Since then, Lucifer is now free to use profanity, although writers tend to use it sparingly. However, despite its little use, it has won over fans of the series.

In this sense, the fact that he used the first bad word that begins with ‘F’ in the second half of season 5, has fans excited and arguing on Reddit and Tuiter about their positive feelings for the remarkable change. This was commented by some viewers on social media:

“I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy allowing the sudden use of oaths in the show.”

“I love it so much ‘BECAUSE YOU F – ING ME YOU SHOOT ME DANIEL !!’ Made me cry”.

“If that lone F was the only f-bomb they were allowed to drop, bravo, it was used perfectly.”

“I hope it’s not the last. I look at it with my roommates and we feel like that was the best way to drop the first f-bomb. I can’t think of any other instance in the series that would have been better.”

“I still can’t believe it’s 2021 and we still have to worry about bad language in the media. Nobody gives a fuck, not as much as they think we do.”

“Hahaha, I get you, for a show that has the devil as the main character, it’s actually quite tame. Maybe if Netflix were the one who started it, we would have gotten a lot of swearing and nudity from the start.”

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