Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Introduces God, A War, And A Lot Of Mysteries In The Fresh Trailer!

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God, a source of conflict in the return of ‘Lucifer’: trailer for the second part of season 5

The series starring Tom Ellis premieres the remaining eight episodes of its season 5 on May 28 on Netflix.

The second part of the fifth season of Lucifer is one of the great Netflix premieres for the recently released month of May, so the streaming platform has released a trailer of the new episodes that you can already see on these lines and that It will leave you counting down the days to its debut. Take note: the remaining eight chapters will be released in full on May 28 and will lay the foundations for a sixth and final season that will put the finishing touch, this time, yes, to the series starring Tom Ellis.

After seeing the trailer for the second part of season 5 of Lucifer, you will have no doubt that God has come to turn everything upside down. The Almighty is embodied by Dennis Haysbert and, although we already had the opportunity to see him at the end of the first part when he descended from heaven to stop a fight between Lucifer and his twin brother Michael -both played, obviously, by Tom Ellis-, now we know that their presence on Earth will be a source of even greater conflict.

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God plans to retire and has announced this to his children, while Michael’s decision, to the chagrin of everyone else, will be to succeed him in “office.” On the other hand, Lucifer will not be especially happy that his father has become part of his day-to-day, something that Ellis already anticipated last summer: “It is something that takes him to a very primitive place and his feelings are raw. I’m so happy and proud of what we’ve done … The first two episodes of the second part of season 5 are my favorites of the entire installment, hands down. ”

In the advance of Lucifer season 5 we can also enjoy the musical episode that they already announced to us a few months ago, a chapter that was fun and emotional in equal measure. We are also looking forward to seeing how the relationship between the protagonist and Chloe (Lauren German) flourishes, as well as knowing how things will be with Dan now that he knows the truth about the titular demon of the series.

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Once you have enjoyed the eight episodes of the second part of season 5, the fish will be sold and without going back: A sixth and final season that promises to do justice to the series rescued, and wisely, by Netflix after being canceled by Fox.

The 5 seasons of Lucifer are released to the entire Netflix on May 28.

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