Macaulay Culkin’s Son’s Thoughts on ‘Home Alone’ (Exclusive)

Betty Hose

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Macaulay Culkin, the iconic child actor, recently spoke about his kids’ reactions to his biggest roles. He and his partner, Brenda Song, made their first public appearance with their two sons at Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony. Culkin admitted that he’s already shown Home Alone to his elder son, two-year-old Dakota, who found it funny. Culkin also shared that he convinced his son that he was the kid in the movie, to which his son agreed, even though it wasn’t true.

Culkin and Song also have another son, who will turn one in December, but they have never shared his name publicly. Both boys were present for their dad’s big day, which Culkin said was “the whole reason to do this.” He expressed that his kids are the reason for everything now, and he loves the fact that they can come and see a dog pee on his name.

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During the ceremony, there were heartfelt speeches from Catherine O’Hara and Natasha Lyonne. O’Hara played Culkin’s character’s mother in Home Alone, and Lyonne praised Culkin as a “loving patriarch to your beautiful siblings.” Culkin thanked Song for her love and support, calling her “absolutely everything” and expressing his love for her.

Culkin’s speech was filled with love and gratitude towards Song, saying that she’s not only the best woman he’s ever known, but also the best person. He credited her with giving him purpose and family, and after the birth of their two boys, she became his three favorite people. He expressed his deep love for her.

Overall, Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony was a family affair, filled with love and gratitude towards his partner and children. It was a heartwarming event that showcased the love and bond within the Culkin-Song family.

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