Manifest Season 4: Fans Say NBC Will Return The Show

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Manifest Season 4: Fans Say NBC Will Return The Show

All viewers who have been following the Manifest series received the bad news of its cancellation at the beginning of July by the television network NBC, where it lives. However, a huge number of fans have been supporting for the series to return on any other platform or the same television. But, this is what is known.

Fans of the show have been taking to all social media to urge the heads of the network to change their minds and also tried to convince other streaming platforms to retake the series.

However, fans believe their efforts may have been successful after another show that was put in place to replace Manifest was recently canceled.

Show creator Jeff Rake was determined to give fans closure after Manifest broadcast its season finale hanging off the cliff and with the cancellation ending season four, fans were able to draw attention to the campaign.

Since the hashtag was launched on Twitter, #savemanifest, the spirits grew again when seeing the statistics that the program had on the Netflix platform, becoming one of the most viewed series with almost 2.5 billion minutes dedicated to transmission.

This may have paid off after NBC set the times for its upcoming broadcasts, in which Law & Order: SVU was supposed to sit on the time Manifest had before. But, in a last minute twist, it didn’t happen, which could mean the show could make a comeback.

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