Manifest season 4 Release Date: Is It coming to Netflix in December 2021?

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Manifest: This is how the creator of the series will conclude the story of the drama canceled by NBC

We all know that Manifest season 4 is really happening at Netflix but there are still many more days of waiting that Manifest fans will have to suffer. The fourth and the final season of Manifest won’t be coming to Netflix this December 2021 which is quite big sad news for the fans. However, do not be upset because there is still plenty of good news for the upcoming new Manifest season 4 of the series.

The filming schedule for Manifest season 4 started at the beginning of November 2021 where the cast and crew came back together for the final shoot of the 20 episodes. There were many celebrities who were posting on their timelines and many other things were also happening simultaneously.  Apart from the production news, another great news for the fans of the Manifest series is that Matt Long will be in the final season as a full-time Zeke character. This news came after when it was reported that he won’t be coming in the fourth and final episode due to his past project commitments.

But the bad news is that Manifest season 4 will not be coming to Netflix in December 2021. This was reported after our sources couldn’t find Manifest season 4 in Netflix’s complete list of new release shows and movies for December 2021. However, we were also not expecting that the series will return so soon but fans were somehow a little hopeful for it.

Landing Of Manifest Season 4 On Netflix

The series Manifest began in 2018 when the series was first released on NBC. It slowly and gradually became the top-rated show on NBC. After its humongous popularity, NBC decided to renew it for second and third seasons but till then the viewership of the series had experienced a huge drop. The series which had a viewership of almost 13 million users had been dropped to hold till the time season 3 was dropped.

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That’s where the bond between the Manifest series and Netflix came up. During summer 2021, NCB canceled the show after airing the series with its third season on June 10th, 2021. To put one last effort in order to save the popularity of the series, the maker decided to give it more exposure and licensed season 1 and 2 of Manifest to Netflix in June 2021. The moment the series was dropped on Netflix it garnered huge attention from the fans and it was an indication that the series has started gaining its popularity back.

After seeing its popularity the revival of the show was finally announced by Netflix in August. So many deals, conversations happening and finally, the deal was fixed for Manifest season 4 was struck and announced on 28th August 2021. So, this is how Manifest season 4 release will be officially available on Netflix. But as we mentioned it won’t be in December 2021.

Manifest Season 4: Speculated Release Date

The streaming giant Netflix has not yet confirmed when Manifest season 4 will be released because the productions are in full swing at the moment and just began a few days back. It would obviously take a few months to complete the shoot for all 20 episodes. After that, the post-production stage will enter in, and honestly, it can be a long wait for all the Manifest fans. If we give our best guesses then the series might release in late 2022 or in early 2023.  In short, fans will have to wait at least for a year to see the new Manifest season 4.

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Manifest Season 4 Cast Details

Manifest Season 4 would be incomplete without its lead characters of the previous season. So the characters who will return for their main lead roles are Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxborough, Parveen Kaur, and J.R. Ramirez (Jared). We have also seen reports that Matt Long is also going to return back as his original character Zeke and Ty Doran is still going to the player the older version of Cal. Besides, that fans can also expect to see more glimpses of Luna Blaise, Holly Taylor’s Angelina, Daryl Edward’s Robert Vance, and Frank Deal’s Captain Daly.

In an interview with a media portal Jeff Rake said:

“In the weeks following the cancellation, the studio asked for the actors for a several week extension so they could shop around and see whether anyone wanted to pick up the show. And all of the actors were kind enough to do for a couple of more weeks. And then we got to a point where no one was immediately stepping up, and at this point, those contracts have expired.

So right now, those actors are out there as free agents. So that’s just one more hurdle we would have to overcome should we find our partner to continue producing the show.”

Will Manifest Season 4 Last and Final Part Of The Series?

This is the question many fans have in their mind that why Netflix is renewing the show just to give it a single season. So, what answer we got for this question was this that when Jeff Rake talked with Hollywood Reporter. He represented Netflix executives with three options to wrap up the show, one was a two-hour movie, the second was a six-episode limited series and the third was an entire season. You might not know but Jeff Rake even planned to take the series Manifest for up to 6 seasons but the plans changed.

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Shoot Location Of Manifest Season 4

The production begin in November 2021 in New York again with all the crew and cast at Silver Cup Studios. The pre-production for the series already started in the month of October with Empire State Grips where they posted that they were going, to begin with, filming now. His Instagram post said: “We are doing a thing again.”

Manifest Season 4 Plot Details

We all know the hit series Manifest already has a blockbuster story but the details for Manifest Season 4 is yet to be out from the makers. However, according to our speculations, the story of Manifest season 4 will experience another time jump that will move the show closer to the death of flight 828 passengers. The fourth season may also address the fallout of Grace’s death and what Angelina actually did with Eden and Olive.

Now, this was all that we knew about Manifest Season 4 release on Netflix. Even after all these things we are still hoping that Manifest season 4 arrives sooner to Netflix and keeps the momentum of the series maintained for every fan out there. For all the latest updates regarding Manifest Season 4 stay tuned to our website.

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