Manifest Season 4 Release Date Updates: Will there be a new season?

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Manifest Season 4

Manifest season 4: This is quite amazing news for every fan of the Manifest series. Because it is finally happening! Yes, you heard that right Manifest season 4 is officially happening on Netflix! Many fans of the drama series have also been keeping a very close eye ever since the news of its cancellation came to light. However, now it looks like our favourite streaming platform is, fortunately, bringing it back/

Manifest series was added to Netflix in June 2021 and right before the Manifest season 3 finale aired on NBC. The show was one of the top shows and movies on Netflix for almost two months. In the starting time, only the first two seasons of the Manifest series were added to Netflix in June 2021 but fans got a surprise when Manifest season 3 was dropped on the streaming giant and that too without any announcement.

So, if you have seen the fanbase of the series or if you are yourself a fan then below you can find out everything we know about Manifest season 4.

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How Many Seasons Of Manifest Are There? 

Until now, there are three seasons of the Manifest series. The first season premiered on NBC in 2018. The season 4 finale was aired on NBC on June 10, 2021. And as of now, all three seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

Will There Be A  New Season For Manifest?

According to our recent reports, Manifest season 4 is officially in the making. As per a press release, another season of Manifest is happening and it will mark the show’s last. In case you are not up to date with the show’s history, Manifest was cancelled after the first season. And this news was announced in June 2021 after the season 3 finale aired.

In the month of July, we also learned that Netflix and NBC were back in talks with Warner Bros to save Manifest and bring back the series for season 4. By August, Netflix was officially in talks with the makers and writers to bring back the show. And to our luck, it didn’t took look for Netflix to announce that it will be saving Manifest.

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Manifest Season 4 release date predictions

Since the renewal news is so fresh, we can only assume the release dates for the series. So according to our predictions, Manifest season 4 would not premiere in the fall of 2021. The earliest we can possibly expect to see our series with a new season would be on Netflix in spring 2022.

So, July or August 2022 could be the months when we can expect Manifest season 4 premiering on our screens. In addition to that, it would also give fans more of a chance to watch the series and catch up before the fourth season is released.

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