Manitoba Online Casino Regulations: What You Need to Know

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Manitoba is a province in the central region of Canada. There are a total of six land-based casinos in the region, but residents are also allowed to play at a regulated online casino. All gaming and gambling activities in Manitoba are regulated by the federal and local governments. 

Operators and players need to understand the online casino gambling legal framework in force in Manitoba. This is important when one wants to enjoy a safe iGaming experience. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about online casinos in Manitoba, more so, regulations, games and where to play games like slots, blackjack and poker.

An Overview of the Manitoba Online Casino Gaming Legal Framework

All online casino operations in the province of Manitoba are overseen and regulated by the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. 

The key pieces of legislation that govern both physical and online casino gambling in the province include:

  • The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Act 
  • The Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Control Act 

Although lotteries are pretty popular in the province, people also enjoy slots and cards games at online casinos in Manitoba. Lottery prizes and winnings are free of taxation, except for professional gamblers. The legal online gambling age in Manitoba is 18 years. 

Manitoba Laws on Gambling 

All forms of gambling are regulated at federal and local government levels. This section will discuss all legislations that regulate gambling in Manitoba. 

At the federal level, online casino gaming operations are governed and regulated under the Criminal Code of Canada. The code defines all the rules and conditions for gambling operations in Canada. 

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The Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Control Act

As the name suggests, this piece of legislation not only regulates gambling but also cannabis and alcohol distribution in the province of Manitoba. 

The Act outlines provisions on types of gambling allowed in the province, requirements for casino operator licensing, a list of entities and people allowed to participate in gambling, dispute resolution mechanisms, a list of responsibilities, and charges for violation. 

The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation Act 

This Act is intended to oversee and regulate lottery operations in the province. The legal document defines the principles and rules of Manitoba-based lotteries. That covers rules for ticket sales, taxation, revenue channeling, and so forth. 

The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MLLC) is the official operator of all lotteries and it’s tasked with controlling lottery processes in conjunction with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). 

You will find all lottery-related provisions under Section 4 of the Act, “Lottery Operations”.

The Consumer Protection Act 

Since casino operators are considered service providers, they are subject to the Consumer Protection Act. As such, this piece of legislation is aimed at protecting consumers of both physical and online casino gaming services. 

Operators are required to comply with all applicable legal provisions on consumer rights protection. If you want to know your consumer rights as a player, you should take your time to read this Act. 

Order-in-Council No. 110/2014

This legislation seeks to outline the process of licensing special games offered by local councils and indigenous communities. 

The Regulating Authority 

Gaming and gambling activities in Manitoba (both physical and online), are regulated by one unified authority, the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. The agency is tasked with licensing and regulating gambling operations in the province.

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The agency is also responsible for performing registration of activities tied to suppliers of hardware and services in the gaming and betting sector. 

However, you should also understand that the local council and First Nations can also issue special licenses per the stipulation of Order-in-Council No. 110/2014. 

Online Gambling in Manitoba 

Online casino gaming and betting are legal in Manitoba, Canada. The province authorized this mode of gaming in 2013. However, it’s worth noting that legal iGaming operations within the provincial borders are strictly reserved for PlayNow Manitoba. 

PlayNow Manitoba is the only online gaming establishment operating in the province. The website is run and operated by the MLLC in partnership with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. 

Players enjoy a wide range of classic casino games on the website including slots, poker, lotteries, bingo, roulette, and blackjack. The WCLC also runs a sports betting website called SportSelect. 

Offshore Online Gaming in Manitoba 

Though local online gambling is limited due to monopolization, Manitoba residents can still find reputable offshore casino sites. Manitoba laws do not prohibit locals from signing up with offshore online casinos operated by foreign companies. 

A vast majority of offshore online casino operators welcome and adjust to local gamers. This has made it possible for casino players in the province to enjoy a diversified and thrilling gaming experience with unlimited options. 

However, you should understand that offshore operators are not regulated under Manitoba domestic laws. Instead, these operators answer to gaming authorities established in different jurisdictions. Therefore, you must do your due diligence to find out whether the offshore online casino you sign up with is well licensed and regulated. 

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Where and How to Check License

  • Casino Licenses: In Manitoba, these licenses can only be issued to support social and charitable projects that help improve the quality of life. Two of the land-based casinos in the province, McPhillips Station Casino and Club Regent Casino, are managed by the state corporation MLLC, which does not need a license. 

Shark Gaming Center is run by True North Sports & Entertainment. The other three establishments, Aseneskak Casino, Sand Hills Casino, and South Beach Casino & Resort, are operated by local indigenous communities. 

  • Licenses for Games of Fortune: Charitable and social projects can also acquire licenses to offer a series of games and events such as lotteries and bingo. All retailers selling gaming tickets and entertainment venues with VLTs must also apply for licenses. VLT licenses allow operators to install VLT machines. 
  • Licenses for Developers and Service Suppliers:  All gaming equipment and service suppliers, developers, casino operators, and employees of the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries are obliged to apply for and acquire an LGGA license. 


Legal online casino gaming within Manitoba is limited. However, residents are free to pursue alternatives at reputable and trustworthy offshore casino sites. This way, gamers in the province can enjoy a safe and exciting virtual casino gaming experience. 

As a player, you should never forget to check the legitimacy of an online casino before creating an account. 

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