Marc Dupré reportedly has a new woman in his life

Samuel Edwards

Published on:

Is Marc Dupré Back on the Dating Scene? Rumors Circulate About a Mysterious Woman

After 23 years of marriage, Marc Dupré may find himself single once again. However, there may be more to the story than meets the eye. According to reports from Qc Scoop, the 50-year-old singer may have already found love elsewhere.

It is rumored that Marc Dupré is dating a mysterious woman named Gwen Ferland, who works as a bartender at a restaurant in Chambly. Despite not being known in the public sphere, the two have reportedly been seen together, with witnesses claiming to have witnessed them sharing affectionate moments.

While this does not necessarily confirm that they are a couple, it has sparked curiosity among fans and the public alike. Many are eager to learn more about this potential relationship.

In the meantime, fans will have to wait for more information to surface. Whether Marc Dupré is truly back on the dating scene or not, one thing is for sure – his fans are eagerly following his every move.

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