Marc Dupré tries some jokes about René Angélil and they fall flat

Betty Hose

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Former comedian turned comedian singer Marc Dupré recently performed at the ComediHa! Fest. He made his comeback as a comedian on Tuesday night at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, where he hosted the ComediHa! gala.

The latest news we had about him was that he had recently separated from Anne-Marie Angélil, the daughter of a well-known figure, whom he had been married to for 23 years. However, the end of this romantic relationship did not prevent the former son-in-law of Céline Dion from using the stories he experienced within the Quebec royal family as inspiration for his upcoming show.

“Without going into untellable matters, I have had some really great stories with them,” he said to journalist Cédric Bélanger of the Journal de Québec earlier this week.

A short excerpt of the numbers he presented on Tuesday night was published on the ComediHa! Facebook page on Wednesday. It seems that the jokes about René Angélil’s driving habits did not elicit much laughter.

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There are not many negative comments under the publication, but the lack of enthusiasm from the audience during the recording is noticeable.

The good news for Dupré is that his solo show will only be released in January, giving him four months to work on some of the punchlines.

But can we really judge the quality of his performance based on just one minute of one act? Let’s give him a fair chance!

In conclusion, Marc Dupré’s return as a comedian seems to have generated mixed reactions. While some may have found his jokes amusing, others were less impressed. Only time will tell how his upcoming solo show will be received.

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